11/12/12 Protecting Intellectual Property in the Digital Age – Andrew Berger

Protecting your Intellectual Property in the Digital Age – Andrew Berger (’66, Law ’69)Headshot

November 12, 2012
4:00pm – 5:00pm
Phillips Hall Room 403

We create intellectual property (IP) every day whether by the photographs we share; the research papers we write; the brands and their marketing plans we conceive or the products we invent. But it has never been easier for others to copy and infringe our IP; the Internet has created a minefield of new concerns and risks for owners of IP.

In this interactive 60-minute discussion, Andrew Berger (’66, Law ’69), will discuss how we create, protect and monetize our IP in the context of an ever-evolving Internet including:

  • What works are copyrightable?
  • What are the rights of copyright holder?
  • When will those rights be infringed?
  • What is a trademark?
  • Suggestions on selecting a strong mark?
  • Tips on licensing your mark
  • How to protect and police your mark?

To reserve a space sign up at:  https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/AndrewBerger

There is also an opportunity to meet with Andrew on a 1-1 basis and have dinner with him and a small group of students. Please see the link for more info.