AEM 1230 – Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Business – Perez

Comments from Professor Perez:

In what way is the course valuable to entrepreneurial students?

AEM1230 is an introduction to entrepreneurship as well as an introduction to business concepts. Students without any previous experience in business or business studies can take AEM1230 and learn how to generate and analyze business ideas. By working in pairs, students experience teamwork and its role in increasing energy and capabilities in entrepreneurial environments.

What kind of students should/should not take this course?

Students seriously interested in entrepreneurship ought to see AEM1230 as a stepping stone towards a business planning course. AEM1230 is designed for all students at Cornell, and all students are welcome. It is a core requirement for the Dyson/AEM Entrepreneurship specialization, and enrollment preference is given to Dyson/AEM students. The current cap is about 120 students. 

What are the challenges associated with taking this course?

There are two challenges given to students in AEM1230. One is to produce, in pairs, up to 40 rough business ideas and to progressively analyze them across the semester until a four student group selects one idea (out of the original 80) for a short presentation to an evaluation panel. The second is to analyze (again in pairs) a set of business management case studies related to entrepreneurship. Both sets of activities are expected to be of great value to students as exposure to principles of business, entrepreneurship, and techniques used to teach and learn business management.