NBA 3000 – Entrepreneurship and Private Equities – BenDaniel

Comments from Professor BenDaniel: 

Why is the course valuable to entrepreneurial students?

Students have the unique opportunity to create their own functioning business, where creating tangible cash flow presides over grades and class assignments. Students will create a real, actionable business plan with the help of students who have worked at startup ventures. The lessons learned cannot be found in a textbook; each class session is taught jointly with a unique guest lecturer each comprising a part of the entrepreneur process: entrepreneurs, lawyers, investment bankers, social media experts, etc. The course entails a midterm and final presentation, where the business is pitched to real-life venture capitalists. Some of the best presentations have been offered investment by the judges, and continue to be in operation.

What kind of students should/ should not take this course? 

Students who should take this course have a particular knowledge or passion and are seeking ways to channel that energy into a business larger than themselves. The class revolves around developing a diverse team to implement the business plan. A good team takes precedent over a good idea.

What are the challenges associated with taking this course? 


  • There will be several setbacks, and you need to continue to remain persistent and determined to overcome these obstacles.
  • You will need to be outspoken, as sales and investment do not generate themselves. You must be confident to present yourself, your team and idea to strangers on a daily basis.
  • Ideas are only as good as the profit outcomes, it would be useful to already have a basic understanding of financial accounting.

Other points the professor wants to share about the course. 

This course allows a “safe-haven” to take risks and experiment with little to lose; it is your laboratory where you will be given guidance from professionals on how to correct mistakes and build on strengths. Overall, you will be better prepared when similar situations occur when they arise outside the classroom. By the end of class, you will have built your own personal “toolkit” consisting of a network of mentors, a business team, and the knowledge of how to create and carry out a business plan.