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As would-be entrepreneurs, all of us wonder at some point if we have the right stuff to start a business. Can we identify that first moment when our creative desire to start something emerged? For many, those “lemon-aide stands” that were started as kids mark the jumping off point of our entrepreneurial aspirations. Think back, did you try to start something as a kid that was different from what your friends were doing? Did you find a creative way to make money, or maybe found a new way to help those in need? Where has that first experience lead you today? 

Inc. Magazine did an article on 9 CEO’s Who Started Companies as Kids – first on the list is – Seth Goldman – who is in eClips. Check out the article and the story Seth tells in eClips (after you login, click the link again).  

From Our POPShop/PIHE Video Series

Wanting to know what makes some of Cornell’s student entrepreneurs tick, We asked the question – “what was your first entrepreneurial experience.” Click for  some of the answers. Look for more video from the series coming soon. 

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Jake Reisch
“I made bracelets
when I was
9 years old.”


“I started a
personalized bag company
in middle school.”

Karim Abouelnaga
“I was a salesperson
from age 5.”


“My brother and
I bottled our
own cleaning fluid.”