AEM 3249: Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategy – Streeter

This is a new class – here are comments from Professor Streeter: REIS_0102-Deb-crop-headshot

Why is this course valuable to an entrepreneurial student?

This course equips students with the skills needed to begin developing an entrepreneurial idea. The first part of the course focuses on introducing the lean startup model and the idea of a minimum viable product in order to begin market research. The second part of the course is based on a business simulation where students get to see how their many courses (management, accounting, marketing, etc.) all come together in an entrepreneurial setting. The third and final section of the course brings four or five entrepreneurial alumni back to campus to talk about the realities of being an entrepreneur. These talks introduce the hardships associated with entrepreneurship, instead of focusing on stories of glory. Throughout all three parts of the course, students learn to develop a business plan and test their ideas. 

What kind of students should take this course?

The course is perfect for students who are curious about entrepreneurship and are looking for a way to get their feet wet. The class is not as intensive as AEM 3250: Business planning Process for New Ventures, nor is it as team intensive. However, this course is now a prerequisite for AEM 3250, so it is perfect for students looking to delve deeper into entrepreneurship as well.

What are some challenges associated with taking this course?

The most challenging aspect of the course is the initiative needed during the third part of the class. While the speakers are coming to present to the class, students must continue to develop their business plan and idea. Additionally, during this final period, students will need to talk to potential customers and deal with large amounts of ambiguity.