AEM 4660: Market Dynamics, Computer Simulation and Modeling – Streeter

Professor StreeterComments from Professor Streeter:

Why is this course valuable to an entrepreneurial student?

AEM 4660 is a 7-week simulation course that meets for three hours a week. The class gives students the opportunity to make real-life business decisions and see the outcomes of their choices. Every class, students meet with their team of five to decide what they will do during the class. The choices students have to make include product design and pricing, inventory, finances, marketing, and sales. Each team of five is paired with three other teams that compete against each other. A decision by one team affects all others, so competitors’ choices must be considered throughout the simulation. The class gives students the ability to see how their choices will impact their businesses in the future and brings together many courses, such as marketing and finance, in a visual and realistic way.

What kind of students should take this course?

This course is aimed at entrepreneurial students, especially those in the Dyson Business Minor for Engineers. However, the class is also perfect for any students looking for experience making management decisions.

What are some challenges associated with taking this course?

The biggest challenge in the course is the accounting and finance skills required, and the class should not be taken before completing these requirements. But, the course does not require a lot of time commitment outside of the three hour weekly meetings.