Opportunity: Life Changing Labs seeks Business Plan help!

Looking to get involved with startups? Gain hands on-experience writing business plans with Life Changing Lab’s new opportunity! 


Life Changing Labs
(LCL) is run by founder Peter Cortle with the assistance of its EIR, JDs, MBAs, and PhD students who mentor entrepreneurs in various fields. We have a constant flow of new student-led companies.

They are currently seeking additional help for our startups with their business plans. LCL is looking for smart, eager young people who are excited by the world of entrepreneurship and commit time into adding value to startups. In return, you will be part of an amazing network of passionate and creative people including prominent entrepreneurs.

Please email pam@lightlink.com if you have interest in getting involved.


Life Changing LabsLife Changing Labs is an incubator and startup network specifically for talented engineers and designers to give them real exposure to entrepreneurship. By giving first-hand experience at creating value from the ground up, the program fosters the startup mentality within talented associates.

The firm is backed by founders who have started multiple ventures including HulkShare.com, with over 30 million monthly visitors, and Life Changing Apparel LLC, the world’s first social streetwear brand. Life Changing Labs is also advised by top entrepreneurs and leaders including the former CEO The Kairos Society and the directors of CUSD. Our program will provide you with all of the resources and network necessary to best position yourself for success in the startup world.

Life Changing Labs was founded by two guys who wanted to better entrepreneurship at Cornell. Though both are managers of Cornell’s eLab accelerator, the program is privately funded and runs independent from any other organization.

Check out their team and portfolio!