BEE 4890 – Entrepreneurial Management for Engineers – Timmons


Why is the course valuable to entrepreneurial students?

In BEE 4890 Professor Timmons draws from his own personal, real-world experience of having started multiple companies. He focusses on the engineering student but this class would be valuable for all, especially students from other disciplines who want to work in diverse teams with engineers. 


What kind of students should/ should not take this course?

This course is aimed at engineering students who have an idea they would consider turning into a business. Students will need to be committed to the process as team members will rely on this commitment. Non-Engineering students should check with Professor Timmons for admittance. 


What are the challenges associated with taking this course?

It is a team oriented class that is conducted as the process of a real startup company. At the end of the course, some groups are expected to launch their company. Joining a team could mean a longer commitment than just the duration of the course. Teams that are trying to launch may put in more work that teams that do not plan to.