HADM 4130 – Entrepreneurial Management – Flemming

HADM 4130: Entrepreneurial Management 

Why is the course valuable to entrepreneurial students?
The class can be valuable to both entrepreneurial students AND students that are interested in being effective and innovative managers within more established companies.  This is because the class is geared to teaching students about the how to manage any kind of company or project in an entrepreneurial way; that is, by actively pursuing opportunity, without being overly focused on what resources they or their firm might have. Further, I try to make the class very hands on, practical, and engaging by using 8+ case studies, a semester-long class project with an entrepreneurial firm that ACTUALLY needs and wants the student teams’ feedback and ideas; and lots and lots of class discussion so that students can see how a variety of different companies have engaged in entrepreneurial management.

What kind of students should/ should not take this course?
The class is for upper level undergraduates and for graduate students that have an interest in entrepreneurship, for or non-profit business, and innovation.  It is for students that really want to engage in the material and willing to come to class and participate actively.  There aren’t any pre-requisites other than an interest in learning, a great attitude and willingness to do the work.

What are the challenges associated with taking this course?
This course is a lot of work.  While I provide flexibility in letting students which cases to write up for a grade, they are expected to attend class, speak up, and have done the reading or other preparation. One of the best things about the class is that it is half grad students and that there is a real mix of students from across the university, as it allows students to learn from each other as well as me. However, some students find being in class with grad students challenging. Others find it difficult to speak up with confidence. However, as I say on the first day of class, this is a fantastic opportunity to get over those fears and have a lot of fun while learning an interesting topic.

Any changes/updates to the course?
We will be offering a second section of the course in Spring 2014, taught by Professor Neil Tarallo.