Recruitment Postings from the Winternship Fair

Missed the Winternship Fair? Don’t miss out on these opportunities! Cornell startups are looking for interns for Winter Break, Spring Semester, and Summer in all fields—business development, marketing, finance, engineering, software and web development, and more.


Daapr offers users a purpose built platform for sharing and discovering online content that interests them. We plan to revolutionize the way individuals share and discover products, videos, articles, etc. 

Seeking: Interns: Marketing and Business Development, Software Developers
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester 


Deciphyr was created to shift the balance of power from hiring companies to students by providing real data all while maintaining anonymity. This is a platform to anonymously compare offers for full-time and internship opportunities. We want individuals to know how their offer compares (avg vs great) and what the determining factors are (multiple offers, negotiations, experience, etc). 

Seeking: Interns: Marketing (Strategy to expand to the top business and engineering schools by Aug’14) Business Engineering (Frontend & Backend) 
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, SummerTop of Form


We are a community of dreamers and sparkers helping people fulfill their dreams. We bring people together to share their dreams and support others. Through crowdsourced funding and mentorship, we help make it possible for anyone to achieve their dream. 

Seeking: Interns: Marketing
Term: Winter Break


Falcon is a mobile navigation app that is changing the way we find our way around on areas that are hard to navigate. Colleges, festivals, and indoor settings are some examples, with indoor being our newest focus. 

Seeking: Interns & Full Time: Developer, Engineer, Designer 
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer 


Fiberspark is a next-generation Internet Service Provider that uses fiber optic technology to provide broadband that is 100x faster than the average available today. We also happen to offer killer customer support and connectivity that doesn’t slow down under load Internet from the cable company. 

Seeking: Interns & Full Time: Engineers
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer


GiveGab is a rapidly growing, venture-backed company with the simple mission of “more happy volunteers.” We are hard at work building so volunteers, nonprofits, and other organizations can have a place to connect, promote and celebrate their civic engagement accomplishments. We are excited to be developing awesome software that makes a difference in the world and are looking for ambitious software engineers and iOS developers to join our team! 

Seeking: Interns & Full Time: Product Managers, Digital Marketers, Web Developers, Software Engineers, iOS Developers, UI/UX designers
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer 

Kreyol Essence 

Organic and natural cosmetic products from Haiti. 

Seeking: Interns & Full Time: Marketing and Sales
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer 

Party Headphones

Party Headphones rents and sells high-tech wireless headphone systems. 

Seeking: Interns & Full Time: Marketing, Electrical Engineering, Website Development, Database Management 
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer


Platypus TV

Platypus TV is a social television platform that aims to make the experience of watching content, digital or otherwise, more interactive and engaging for on-demand programming. We address the multi-platform and time-shifted habits of viewers who see themselves as integral fans and expect a dynamic relationship not only with their shows, but with the advertisers who support them as well.

Seeking: Interns: Back-end Web Developers (Security and Network Design)—working knowledge of Javascript, PHP, MySQL, Ajax—Digital Marketing and Advertising Specialist
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester



RedPencere provides college admissions consulting to high school students in developing countries who are interested in attending a US college or university. Through RedPencere’s online platform, current US college students who grew up in these developing countries provide training and mentorship to prospective students for both admissions support and the benefit of their own personal experiences.

Seeking: Interns: Web Developer, Visual Designer
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester



Join Cornell’s largest and fastest growing startup company! The Winternship will be located in Rosie’s exclusive offices right in Collegetown, complete with a kitchen and break room. You’ll also get to interact with the conpany’s clients directly and choose the type of role you want to have. 

Seeking: Interns: Front-end, Back-end, and Machine Learning Developers, as well as positions in Graphic Design, User Experience, Marketing, Sales, Event Planning, and Media Relations
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer

Seraph Robotics

Seraph Robotics is a life science focused 3D printing company, looking for talented mechanical and software engineers. Located in the Kevin McGovern Life Sciences Incubator in Weill Hall on campus.

Seeking: Interns & Full Time: Engineers
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer



Speare will change the way we keep up with information. It’s an intelligent web application that understands topics you are trying to track, monitors the internet for you, and notifies you if something important occurs.

Seeking: Interns: Front-End Development, Back-End Development, Product Management Business Development Market Research Customer Development
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer


Tunetap helps musicians create more music for their fans by crowdfunding events. We’re looking to dramatically simplify the process of setting up events by using big data to suggest the best opportunities for artists, venues, fans, and booking agents. Our team has a strong technical founder and experience/connections in the music industry.

Seeking: Interns: Back-end Web Developer (Rails), Front-end Web Developer, Social or on-campus Marketing, Finance, Accounting
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester, Summer



Yorango makes rental simple. Our online solutions and SaaS are changing what it means to live off campus. We’ve helped over 1,200 Cornellians living off campus in the last year. 

Seeking: Interns: Software and Web Developers (back-end and front-end), Designers (UX, UI), Business (especially Finance) 
Term: Winter Break, Spring Semester

Our list is sadly incomplete–we weren’t able to talk to everyone but check out the websites of the startups below for more info and opportunities!

Collegiate Sun 

Collegiate Sun‘s goal as a company is to engage college campuses around the country, but not only the colleges and universities themselves. As is well known, the college experience is comprehensive. Not only do students take pride in the college or university they attend, but they value the college house they live in and the surrounding shops and café’s that make each campus unique

Gorges Consulting

Cornell’s #1 student oriented  consulting firm.