20 Lessons From Daniel Green ’13 (4 of 4)

E@Dyson Blog Headshot- Daniel Green dpg64Want to start or work for a startup?: 20 lessons you should know first (Part IV) 

16) Your value in society is solely determined by your ability to clearly communicate your ideas to other people:

If you want to accomplish anything, you have to first be able to communicate what that thing is. To me now this means concise (5 lines or less) emails, one-pagers, and simple PowerPoint slides but you should decide what this means for you and your aspirations.

17) If you want to lead people, they have to like and respect you first:
Regardless of a title, if people don’t respect you as a leader they will never listen to you. This will never change.

18) Show, don’t tell:
Don’t tell people what you are going to do unless them knowing is vitally important to your success. Just do it.

19) Define your associations, don’t let them define you:

You are not just a Cornell student, a member of a Greek or social organization, or any one thing—you are all of these things in different contexts. By defining your associations you give others context for seeing your whole self and not just a single role.

20) You are only as good as what you do next: 
This is true for professional athletes and performers, why wouldn’t it be true for you? You should celebrate your past successes but don’t get hung up on what you’ve done. That is who you were, not who you can be.

Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, Stay Active.

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Daniel Green Food Psychology’13 is the head of Global R&D and Marketing at PopCorners (Facebook.com/PopCorners) You can contact him at dpg64@cornell.edu, on Twitter @dgrreen or through LinkedIn (Linkedin.com/in/danielpgreen/)