Shark Tank Profile: Saund


Saund – Shark Tank Pitch


 Comments from Saund:

Who is on the executive team and how many other students are on the whole team?


Kelsey Kruse BS ECE ’16 

Executive Team:

Vitchyr Pong (ECE/CS 16),
Max Weisbrod (Architecture 15),
Andrew Bryan (ECE 16)
Sue-Jean Sung (Hotel 15) 

What is the business?

Saund makes headphones that let runners control their music with their minds. Using motor-imagery brain computer interfaces and near ear electrodes, the known patterns in the mu band of brainwaves can give the user control over features like play, pause,  volume up, volume down,  and skip song.

Why is it valuable or interesting?

Modern day runners are getting so frustrated by all the current performance-based headphones. Earbuds fall out, wires get in the way, and its really awkward to grab your phone out of your pocket and press buttons while running. Hardware disrupts the running experience. The idea is to encourage the runner to be fully present with their run and make the hardware disappear.  Aiming for as little, and simple, design as possible Saund hopes that just by thinking, the runner is able to change the song, play, pause, and adjust volume levels. Its a much simpler, more natural, process.

When was the business created?

Saund was founded in October 2013.

What does Saund think about the entrepreneurship community at Cornell?

The entrepreneurship spark has really caught on at Cornell! There is a great community of leaders here; of unordinary thinkers and people with the drive to push an idea to market. But I don’t think most Cornellians know about all the resources that are available to them. Even being tight within the entrpreneurship community at Cornell, I know I’m still not aware of all that’s offered to me. Events like Shark Tank, 3DS, etc. are great! And well publicized and attract a lot of people. But smaller things, like which professors would be willing to help out a project, are, of course, harder to find.

What is Saund’s favorite entrepreneurship resource at Cornell? ie: Popshop, professors, etc.

Popshop for the collaborative culture that exists! 


Shark Tank 2014



TuneTap, Feifan Zhou BS CS ’16 
Saund, Kelsey Kruse BS ECE ’16 
Lionano, Siyu Huang PhD ’12 MBA ’14, and Alex Yu PhD ’14 
Daapr, Aaron Schifrin BS Gov ’14
Yorango, Adam Kirsch BS ILR ’15
inFav, David Na MBA ’15, and Howard Zheng MBA ’15 

VC Judges:

John Lee, Assoc., Osage University Partners
Paul Cianciolo, VP , FirstMark Capital
Morgan Beller, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

What: Cornell student startups pitch VCs for a chance at $1,500 in cash prizes.

When: February 4, 5-6pm

Where: Duffield Hall, Cornell University