Shark Tank Profile: Yorango


Yorango Shark Tank 2014 Pitch

Comments from Yorango:

Who is on the executive team and how many other students are on the whole team?

Executive Team:

Adam Kirsch, COO
Josh Benamram, CFO
Yanbin Feng, Executive Developer

Team: 11 additional students on team across programming and business functions.

What is the business?

Yorango builds software to simplify rental.  Our system features tools for listing, discovery, contracts, payment and communication.  Unlike our competition, Yorango’s two-sided platform gives both landlords and tenants an end-to-end solution.

Why is it valuable or interesting?

Rental real estate is a tremendously large market with a dearth of easy-to-use technology tools for the small and midsize landlord and their tenants.  Yorango fills this niche with a product emphasizing user experience while delivering substantial functionality.

When was the business created?

Yorango was founded in summer 2012.

What does Yorango think about the entrepreneurship community at Cornell?

The Yorango team is incredibly grateful to the entrepreneurship community at Cornell. The emergence of so many resources committed to startups has been crucial to our development, refinement and operations.  In addition to providing formal resources, the informal environment fostered by E@C has been truly beneficial in establishing a real community of founders, funders and supporters with which to communicate and collaborate.

What is Yorango’s favorite entrepreneurship resource at Cornell? ie: Popshop, professors, etc.

eLab has been our favorite entrepreneurship resource.  The mentorship, structure and networking facilitated by the incubator really set the course for much of our development, and was an unquestionable boon to our progress as a company.


TuneTap, Feifan Zhou BS CS ’16
Saund, Kelsey Kruse BS ECE ’16
Lionano, Siyu Huang PhD ’12 MBA ’14, and Alex Yu PhD ’14
Daapr, Aaron Schifrin BS Gov ’14
Yorango, Adam Kirsch BS ILR ’15
inFav, David Na MBA ’15, and Howard Zheng MBA ’15

VC Judges:

John Lee, Assoc., Osage University Partners
Paul Cianciolo, VP , FirstMark Capital
Morgan Beller, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

What: Cornell student startups pitch VCs for a chance at $1,500 in cash prizes.

When: February 4, 5-6pm

Where: Duffield Hall, Cornell University