Shark Tank Profile: Tunetap

Comments from Feifan:

Who is on the executive team and how many other students are on the whole team?

Executive Team:

Feifan Zhou, CEO + dev lead: Cornell University, B.S. CS ’16
Bobby Robertson, Marketing lead: High Point University, B.A. Music + Entrepreneurship ’16
Mike Falb, Artist relations lead: Cornell University, B.A. Hotel Admin ’14
Nicolette Aluisio, Venue relations lead: High Point University, B.A. Communication + Media Studies ’16
Our team also includes four people at Cornell and one at UC Berkeley.

What is the business?

Tunetap helps musicians and venues pre-sell tickets to create concerts without risk. We want to make it remarkably simple for musicians to get to play shows for their fans, and for venues to find the best shows to host on their stage. On Tunetap, artists create events, either because they want to play a show, or because their fans have petitioned them to. Once an event is created, fans pre-order tickets to show their support and cover the expenses of running the show. If the ticket target isn’t reached, everyone gets a full refund. If the event is funded, the show goes on!

Why is it valuable or interesting?

We wanted to build a company that values quality and empowers people to be more creative. We wanted to build a company that stands at the intersection of technology and creativity, using technology to streamline the basic, repetitive parts of life so that everyone can be free to create — letting musicians make music, and not worry about losing money, for example. We wanted to build a company to liberate human creativity.

We realized that fans want artists to play shows, all over the world, and artists really want to play shows. But most of these shows don’t happen, because artists and venues face a risk of losing money in production costs.

When was the business created?

Tunetap emerged in September 2013 as result of some pivots we made since we started our company in January 2013.

What does Tunetap think about the entrepreneurship community at Cornell?

Tunetap was accepted into eLab, Cornell’s competitive startup accelerator program, in October (and more recently, invited back for the spring semester). We were a finalist at 3 Day Startup in November, where we launched our first show at Cornell featuring Dylan Owen. We hit our funding goal in just three days and the show, in early December, was awesome. Our team returned to Ithaca in early January to kick off our winternship, where we brought on a few Cornellians who got a chance to learn web development while working with a startup team. I’m still impressed by the work our winterns did and how quickly they picked up the skills. We spent our time at the Popshop (325 College Ave), an incredible coworking space for a number of Cornell startups to work together and bounce ideas and feedback around. It’s also a great place to find out about things that are coming up, including the 2014 Shark Tank.

Is Tunetap recruiting?

Our team includes people with a range of skills, coming from across the country. We’re always looking for enthusiastic people who want to liberate human creativity to join our team‚ right now, I’m especially focused on finding marketers and people with experience working with artists and venues. Send me an email:


Shark Tank 2014

 TuneTap Shark Tank Pitch



TuneTap, Feifan Zhou BS CS ’16 
Saund, Kelsey Kruse BS ECE ’16 
Lionano, Siyu Huang PhD ’12 MBA ’14, and Alex Yu PhD ’14 
Daapr, Aaron Schifrin BS Gov ’14
Yorango, Adam Kirsch BS ILR ’15
inFav, David Na MBA ’15, and Howard Zheng MBA ’15

VC Judges:

John Lee, Assoc., Osage University Partners
Paul Cianciolo, VP , FirstMark Capital
Morgan Beller, Partner, Andreessen Horowitz

What: Cornell student startups pitch VCs for a chance at $1,500 in cash prizes.

When: February 4, 5-6pm

Where: Duffield Hall, Cornell University

Facebook: Shark Tank 2014