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Cornellians on Board:

Unfortunately it is only me [Valeri Tsanev]. My team is composed of 2 developers and a top 2% real estate agent in NYC but none of them are Cornellians. I would love however to get more Cornellians involved with CityRaven. I do plan to help any aspiring Cornell entrepreneur to achieve her/his dreams in any way I can, event if it is not related to CityRaven.

What is the mission of CityRaven?

The mission of CityRaven is to empower millennials to make personalized informed decisions within minutes across neighborhoods, events, apartments and high quality real estate agents. We want to help college students and young professionals decide not only where to live it up tonight but also where to settle in tomorrow, based on their personal preferences. Our hypothesis is that the future is about personalization rather than the current social trend of following what everyone else is doing. Our long term goal is to build a very unique and innovative client graph that will improve customer service and decrease response time between real estate agents and potential renters of apartments and this way eliminate a huge pain point in the current renting process in the big cities.

How did you come up with the idea for CityRaven?

As you can imagine CityRaven was born because of the many real life frustrations that I experienced in the last two years. I hated the fact that in order to plan my weekend I needed to go to several different apps or web sites to get information across neighborhood characteristics and events. Also every time I had to rent an apartment I was in shock and awe how bad the customer service and response time of real estate agents were, so I thought there must be a better way to consolidate all the info that anyone would need to plan a nice weekend or go out tonight in one place and have a trusted one stop web portal across neighborhoods, events, apartments and high quality real estate agents. Having a one stop shop you no longer need to go to several apps to decide where to live it up tonight or where to settle in tomorrow. Long term we also plan to address the bad customer service of real estate agents. To address the real estate agents’ customer service problem we are building one of a kind innovative client graph, which will improve customer service and decrease response time between agents and potential renters of apartments (mentioned in the mission statement).

When was it started?

CityRaven was founded in July, 2013.

How many students are involved?

One of my developers is a student, I am an alum of the Johnson School.

Are you currently recruiting? 


We are currently looking to hire an intern to become our social media and campus ambassador and to write blogs two times per week on New York City living, which as you can imagine is pretty broad including restaurants, food, events, real estate, neighborhoods etc. Needless to say that person needs to be passionate about the idea of CityRaven and what we are trying to achieve in the short and long term.

We are also looking to hire a high quality UX/UI designer who is creative and preferrably proficient in Visual Design, Adobe Creative Suite, HTML5 & CSS3 and Sketch

All Cornellians can email me their resumes directly to, I believe in personal customer service oriented treatment of fellow Cornellians. For everyone else we suggest to email us his/her resume at