Wool&Prince – Mac Bishop ’11


Cornellians on Board:

Mac Bishop ’11 AEM

Katie Elks ’12 FSAD

What is the mission of Wool&Prince?

At Wool&Prince, we’re obsessed with making better, longer-lasting apparel for guys. It all began in early 2013, when I started questioning why guys still buy shirts that require cleaning after just one or two wears. Washing. Dry-cleaning. Ironing… These aren’t just time-consuming tasks that guys hate. They’re also kinda destructive, and end up breaking garments down until they fall apart and need to be replaced. 
I knew the benefits of wool so I wore a shirt for 100 days to prove my point. That concept went viral and that’s how we raised the initial capital through Kickstarter to make this a full time gig.

How did you come up with the idea for Wool&Prince?

At Cornell, I learned the power of a diverse, high-energy team that communicates effectively. The group projects in AEM definitely helped, but it wasn’t until my buddy and I started a group called Feedbak that I really started to see how a team can grow an idea. The group was a combination of business students and apparel design students working to design a line for Cornell Design League (now known as Cornell Fashion Collective). I led the group for 2 years and then turned it over senior year to new student management. Its still in existence today! Today its part of the Pendleton Scholarship that shows off unique lines at the annual fashion show. 
My business partner and I met through this group. I constantly rely on my Cornell connections for intros and advice.


When was it started?

Wool&Prince launched on Kickstarter with the Better Button-Down in April 2013. The campaign went viral and sold out after bringing in $314,000 in seed capital. Now were based in Brooklyn and making better, longer lasting apparel for guys

How many students are involved?

None yet but we’d love more on the team.

Are you currently recruiting? 

Yes! We would love a marketing/sales jack of all trades type of intern to help us out. Were growing so rapidly were looking for team members to jump in quickly and make an impact. 

Check out our jobs page here to apply!

Browse through some cool shirts at Wool & Prince online store