From the Sheep to Fashion Royalty


“Experiment as much as possible, do as much as possible, fail as much as possible. Eventually you will succeed” – Mac Bishop ’11




Since starting at Cornell, Mac Bishop ’11  has explored a passion for entrepreneurship, fashion, and creativity. He got his start with entrepreneurship in sophomore year we he started Native(X), an exploration in art and fashion with a Native American twist. Upon his graduation, Bishop went to work at Unilever. It did not take long for Bishop to grow weary of his job; he wanted to work somewhere where customers would appreciate his creativity. So, he began discussing quitting with some of his close friends. While many of his friends were supportive, he truly appreciated the input from friends who played devils advocate. These friends helped Bishop seem what could be difficult with his decision. Additionally, these were the friends that Bishop enjoyed speaking with about his business ideas because they would press him and give him feedback if they thought his ideas were weak, or just bad. After much thought and discussion, he decided to leave his job at Unilever and pursue something new.


After a few months, that something new became Wool&Prince. Wool&Prince is a clothing brand that offers wool garments and is working to bring the versatile martial to the everyday consumer. The company started on Kickstarter with Bishop advertising a wool button down that hadn’t been washed in over 100 days. Yes, he wore that shirt for 100 days straight and, as verified by random strangers, the shirt felt like it had just been dry-cleaned and didn’t smell. The Kickstarter raised over $300,000 and was plenty for Bishop to get started. In the early stages, Bishop had a few regrets, the largest of which was growing his team too quickly. He advises young entrepreneurs to be careful with how quickly they grow their team and who they bring on board. He names some of his successes at the time as putting a strong emphasis on design and copywriting, something he sees as often overlooked in fledgling companies. 

Now, Wool&Prince is in the process of introducing some new high quality wool products. Additionally, Bishop is looking to hire summer interns. Click here for more information regarding these opportunities.