Kreyol Essence (KE) Offers Eco Luxury Cosmetic Alternative


Who is the founder of Kreyol Essence?

Yve-Car Momperousse MPS’14 Check out her inspirational biography here 

What is the mission of Kreyol Essence?

Kreyol Essence (KE) is an agribusiness that offers an array of eco luxury cosmetic products. Our goal at Kreyol Essence is to liberate women from costly and unsafe products that have given us false promises of beauty and health. Our products are not only exotic and luxurious, they are “natural with a purpose”. When you purchase KE products you are investing in yourself and the people of Haiti who were severely impacted by the earthquake on Jan.12th. Through Kreyol Essence, we are going to stimulate economic activity in Haiti by creating over 300 jobs for women and farmers. Our signature product, Haitian Black Castor Oil, requires us to plant castor beans. Castor beans will decrease soil erosion, deforestation and greenhouse gas emission.

How did you come up with the idea for Kreyol Essence?

I started the company after what I call my “haircatastrophe.” (sic)  My hair sustained massive heat damage after a beautician straightened it.  When I was ready to return to my natural curls, my hair was limp, lifeless and broken off. I had permanent heat damage. I knew the Haitian Black Castor Oil my mother used on me as a child to strengthen, grow, and moisturize my mane was the one thing that could restore my natural hair to its former glory. It wasn’t readily available in my Philadelphia neighborhood and I could not find it on line.  My mom had to send me some from her Haiti stash, so I decided to make sure that I, and anyone else who needed the oil, could have access to it by creating Kreyol Essence. Our initial product portfolio consists of hair growth oils, exotic hair pomades, therapeutic body products including soaps and candles

How many students are involved?  Who are the Cornellians working on  Kreyol Essence?

We have hired 3 Cornell students this year: Crystal Ramjattan ’14- Marketing & Data Coordinator, Lily Mei –Market Research Intern ILR’17, and Justin ’14- Product Fulfillment.

 When was it started?

Kreyol Essence started in 2009 but we launched the company website January 2013.

Are you currently recruiting? 

We are recruiting students to help with product fulfillment, marketing, and research.  Students can reach out to Stephane Jean Baptiste, my business partner, at for more information.