Johnson Women in Technology Conference at Citi Draws a Great Crowd.

Guest post from Stephanie Ko ’14.


We watched the sun rise over Manhattan as we set up for the first Johnson Women in Technology Conference, which took place atop the Citi Headquarters overlooking the entire Manhattan and New Jersey skylines.  With over 150 men and women participating throughout the day, attendees and speakers openly discussed the issues that women face in technology like, why women are so underrepresented in the technology sector and if there was a need to have a technical background when entering this sector. 


In the morning, the speakers included Sarah McDonald, Chief of Staff of eBay, MBA ’99, who was candid and funny but took a serious jab at how we see ourselves and what we can accomplish in high-tech as women. 


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Next up was Somitra Dutta, Dean of the Johnson School, and Daniel Huttenlocher, who discussed how women could be successful in navigating a career in technology and how Cornell Tech could help them. 




The conference continued with a variety of break-out lunches (including a recorded lunch keynote with Deborah Jackson, founder of Plum Alley) and two panel discussions on (1) ‘trends and innovation in the tech industry’ and (2) ‘how to build a successful career in tech’.  My big takeaway of the conference was that a career in technology may seem daunting but is in no way out of our grasp. 

For full biographies and more info about the Johnson Women in Technology Conference visit the website. 

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