The Hardy North – Gage Hunt ’14

hardy north


What is the mission of The Hardy North?

The Hardy North reminds college graduates how far they’ve come and inspires confidence in where they’re going.  

How did you come up with the idea for THN

After founding our first business, Collegiate Sun, we noticed a peculiar lack of high quality garments in college bookstores, and a more pronounced lack of quality garments particularly catering to the more mature and conservative tastes of alumni.

How many students are involved?  Who are the Cornellians working on THN

Currently there are 4 students highly involved: Alexander Tschopp, Anthony Scadariato, Gage Hunt, and Justin Stamp.

When was it founded

September 2013

Are you currently recruiting?

Yes! We’re currently seeking freshmen – junior interns for graphic design, social media marketing, PR, and web development.  We hope to bring on these interns for the remainder of their time at Cornell and provide them with full time employment post-graduation.  We’re also recruiting graduating seniors for full time positions.  We’re seeking 4 full time recruits: Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Marketing Director, Administrative Assistant.

If you’re interested in opportunities with The Hardy North contact Gage at