Wrap Up on the Dyson Symposium on Women in Leadership

WILThe Dyson Symposium on Women in Leadership was hopefully the first of many future events bringing together the Cornell community to discuss the role of women in business. The day-long symposium left attendees with countless takeaways from speakers such as Barbara NovickShelly Porges, Amy SiskindErica Nicole, and many others. 

Barbara Novick kicked off DSWIL by encouraging us to make conscious decisions and own them; to be creative, be flexible, and be tenacious. Shelly Porges talked about leadership and how some women are simply born women. Amy Siskind was firm and realistic talking about a no-nonsense approach to your career. Erica Nicole told us to embrace the concept of YOLO in terms of money, happiness, and success.

Throughout the workshops, panels, and keynotes, DSWIL captured every angle of what being a women in business means. The Government and NGO Panel encouraged us to let our values guide us throughout our careers. The Corporate Panel discussed whether or not the glass ceiling has truly been shattered. The Entrepreneurship Panel emphasized that we all have a place in start-ups. The Technology Panel gave us insight onto how the tech world is becoming more welcoming towards women, as well as the work that still needs to be done.

If you missed any of the DSWIL, check them out here!