Year-End Wrap Up

Greetings fellow startup junkies! What a year we’ve had here at Entrepreneurship@Dyson!

We have definitely grown immensely this year getting our name into all the corners of the Cornell community. We’ve sponsored events and symposiums, hosted intimate get-togethers with successful business owners, held student startup meetups, and generated a ton of new content for our website! Take a look at the site and read about all the cool things our Big Red peers are doing with new ventures – if that isn’t a testament to the entrepreneurship fever, I don’t know what is!

We want to thank you for sticking with us this year and making us your prime resource for all things startup at Dyson and Cornell. That said, we’ve got big plans for next year and are already starting to strategize. We’ll be taking a brief hiatus this summer from our normal publication rate to focus on a few things; our team keeps growing with new writers and editors, our website has undergone some awesome renovations and we’re looking to boost it even more, and we’ve even got some very cool student stories in the pipeline…

Hopefully as an entrepreneurial minded student you were able to take away value with E@D from one of the many activities. A successful self-starter knows to take something away from every resource available and every connection made. We’re curious to know what stuck with you?

Over the year we brought you stories on the following…

Shark Tank 2014

We covered six companies pitching their ideas in front of a panel of venture capitalists in hopes of scoring a TuneTap thumbnailgrant to help grow their firms. It was TuneTap that took the prize but for each firm the valuable experience of pitching and free promo all helped growth in some way.

What we took away: an enthusiastic pitch can get you far, know your audience but know your details, and if you’ve got the idea don’t let age intimidate you.

What did you take away?


Dyson Symposium on Women In Leadership

As a main sponsor of this first symposium, E@D was proud to help host some of the smartest and coolest DSWILenterprising women out there. Through this weekend symposium we heard about how to be successful in the tech world, the government sector, the private industry, and more. Each keynote speaker brought a different style and different flare to the stage and E@D caught it all on film [link to page]. Stay tuned for what may come next year!

What we took away: make conscious decisions and own them; to be creative, be flexible, and be tenacious

What did you take away?


Celebration 2014

Each year Entrepreneurship@Cornell puts on the Celebration Conference with more than 1,000 alumni, students, faculty, and staff for two days of on-campus events revolving around startup success from Cornell University. E@Delab was everywhere bringing you coverage on guest speakers like JB Osborne & Eric Young, filming the Demo Day Showcase, and highlighting some Big Ideas from excited students.

What we took away: the Big Red network connects us all – use your peers in the real world to aid your growth

What did you take away?




Johnson Women In Technology

In April, E@D took to the road and traveled to the big city to cover the Johnson School Women in Technology JWITcareerFair1Conference where big names talked about how to make it big in tech. College deans, eBay exec’s, and successful founders all shared stories of their achievements and how the Cornell community fueled their victories.

What we took away: a career in tech may seem daunting but its no way out of your grasp

What did you take away?


Student Stories, Startup Rollcall & Course Spotlight

These are our three columns we’re most proud of. Straight from the mouths of professors, students and founders, innovationsthe insight from these articles has helped students forge their own paths to developing businesses, meeting the right people and taking the best courses out there! E@D is the one stop shop for entrepreneurial minded students and this is the jackpot!

What we took away: Cornell students are doing some pretty cool things out there!

What did you take away?


So here’s to a great year! We’re here to help you, students, with your entrepreneurial interests whatever they may be. With this relaxing summer upcoming take some time to check out our articles and multimedia from the year…maybe inspiration will strike poolside or beachside…

Thanks for everything and help spread the E@D word!