Sam Altman’s How to Start a Startup: Lecture and Discussion Series at Cornell University

Sam-AltmanAbout Sam Altman’s Course: How to Start a Startup

Sam Altman, President of Y Combinator, will be teaching a class at Stanford this fall on How to Start a Startup. It’s designed to be a sort of one-class business course for people who want to start startups. Along with guest lecturers like Marissa Mayer, Peter Thiel, and Ben Horowitz, he will be covering the fundamentals: how to come up with ideas and evaluate them, how to get users and grow, how to do sales and marketing, how to hire, how to raise money, company culture, operations and management, business strategy, and more. Sam Altman has opened his course up to the world by providing videos of the lectures, associated reading materials, and assignments on How to Start a StartupThere will be 20 videos, some with a speaker or two and some with a small panel. That’s over 1,000 minutes of content!

Where Cornell University comes in:

Cornell Students, Alex Agne and Sue-Jean Sung, will be posting recaps from each class to the HTSAS Facebook group dedicated to catering to Cornell students and in an email to all attendees. Please reach out to Alex and Sue-Jean with any questions:,

Delve in deeper for discussion and streaming video:

Location: Warren 401 (Subject to change on 9/30 and 11/9; details of new locations for those specific dates will be provided by Alex and Sue-Jean)
Dates/Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays, 8:00pm-9:30pm EST throughout Fall semester 2014
What: Video of the lecture (50 minutes), discussion of the material and entrepreneurial related topics (~40 minutes)
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Please check for the most updated schedule.

Date Speaker Topic
9/23/14 Sam Altman, President, Y Combinator
Dustin Moskovitz, Cofounder, Facebook, Cofounder, Asana, Cofounder, Good Ventures
Welcome, and Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part IWhy to Start a Startup
9/25/14 Sam Altman, President, Y Combinator Ideas, Products, Teams and Execution Part II
9/30/14 Paul Graham, Founder, Y Combinator How to Have Ideas and How to Get Started
10/2/14 Adora Cheung, Founder, Homejoy Building Product, Talking to Users, and Growing
10/7/14 Peter Thiel, Founder, Paypal & Palantir, and Partner, Founders Fund Business Strategy and Monopoly Theory
10/9/14 Alex Schultz, VP Growth, Facebook Growth
10/14/14 Kevin Hale, Founder, Wufoo and Partner, Y Combinator How to Build Products Users Love, Part I
10/16/14 TBA
10/21/14 Marc Andreessen, Founder, Andreessen Horowitz and Founder, Netscape
Ron Conway, Founder, SV Angel
Ben Silbermann, Founder & CEO, Pinterest
How to Raise Money
10/23/14 Alfred Lin, Former COO, Zappos and Partner, Sequoia Capital
Brian Chesky, Founder, Airbnb
Company Culture and Building a Team, Part I
10/28/14 Patrick and John Collison,Founders, Stripe Company Culture and Building a Team, Part II
10/30/14 Aaron Levie, Founder, Box Sales and Marketing
11/4/14 Reid Hoffman, Partner, Greylock Ventures and Founder, LinkedIn TBA
11/6/14 Keith Rabois, Partner, Khosla Ventures How to Operate
11/11/14 Ben Horowitz, Founder, Andreessen Horowitz, and Founder, and Opsware How to Manage
11/13/14 Marissa Mayer, CEO, Yahoo TBA
11/18/14 Hosain Rahman, Founder, Jawbone How to Build Products Users Love, Part II
11/20/14 Kirsty Nathoo and Carolynn Levy,Partners, Y Combinator Mechanics–Legal, Finance, HR, etc.
12/2/14 TBA
12/4/14 Sam Altman, President, Y Combinator Closing Thoughts and Later-Stage Advice