Event: Apply For a Chance to Attend the Third Boston Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Trip!

The Dyson School Sponsored Third Boston Entrepreneurial Ecosystem Trip  

On January 15-16, The Dyson School is sponsoring the Third Boston Entrepreneurial Ecosystem trip. The opportunity includes connecting with the vibrant startup community in Boston with trips to local incubators, visits with the hottest startups, and meetings with large firms, venture capitalists and investors that work together to support these young ventures. It will be a hectic but fun-packed 2 days. This trip is not designed as a recruiting trip but instead, the focus is to showcase alternate career options that may not be easily visible on campus. This is an incredible opportunity and the selection process will be highly competitive. ONLY 12-15 students will be selected to attend. The trip will span 2 days and students will arrive in Boston on Wednesday, Jan 14. We will finish by 4pm on Friday, Jan 16.
If you are interested in participating but have questions, open office hours will be held this Friday, Dec 5 with Dr. Romi Kher (rk384) who is helping with this trip. You are welcome to stop by anytime during this time slot and get more information/application information.
Open Office Hours for Third Boston Entrepreneurial Ecosystem:
When? Friday, Dec 5 from 2pm-4pm
Where? Warren 375E