Shark Tank Profile: NTi Technology – Shane Heil ’16

Below are comments from Shane Heil, CEO of NTi Technology:

What is NTi Technology?

NTi TechnologyOur company has developed a coating technology that continuously cleans and disinfects any treated surface. Unlike other disinfection products that evaporate and leave the surface vulnerable, our proprietary coating remains on a surface and shields it from pathogens by continuously producing disinfection agents that seek out and destroy these lethal microbes. The base material of our product has been classified as inert by the EPA and is safe for human contact. We believe that our technology has the potential to change the way we approach the fight against infection and contamination.

Why is it valuable or interesting?

We are going to sell our product to our initial market of healthcare facilities, for they have the most need for a disinfectant that can protect patients and staff around the clock. Our product will help to eliminate surface transmission of deadly diseases that cause healthcare acquired infections. Our value comes in addressing a problem that is currently being solved by costly disinfecting and resource intensive cleaning schedules.

Protecting crops and plants in greenhouses from fungal and disease infection represents another target market for our product and is a direction that we are interested in pursuing.

When was NTi Technology created?

The business was incorporated at the beginning of May 2014

What does NTi Technology think about the entrepreneurship community at Cornell?

Our company owes a lot of its initial progress to those involved with entrepreneurship at Cornell. From legal advice to introductions to other people and resources on campus, the entrepreneurship community has helped us to shape the business and marketing aspect of our product and grow in the right directions. We are also blessed to be a part of a quickly expanding group of talented and caring individuals and teams that has made starting a business enjoyable and considerably easier.

What is NTi Technology’s favorite entrepreneurship resource at Cornell? ie: Popshop, professors, etc.

We have met some of our closest friends and gotten some of the best advice while just hanging out at the Popshop. It is inspiring to be around people passionate about what they are working on and seeing their drive to create something new.

Is NTi Technology recruiting?

We are always looking for people who are passionate about using science and technology to save lives. Currently, we are focused on finding for interns for this semester and more importantly this summer who want to get hands-on lab experience learning and researching the material science and biological aspects of our product. We are also open to anyone who really resonates with our mission and encourage people to reach out: email me at

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5 Pitches

3 VC Judges

1 Winner $1500

& ticket to SXSW Interactive


T H E    P I T C H E S

SALT  | Fon Powell, Biomedical PhD, Weill Cornell

NTi TECHNOLOGY | Shane Heil ChemE BS ’16, Kevin Hung BS ChemE ’15, Xiaolu Wen BS ChemE ’16

FLORA PULSE | Michael Santiago MechE PhD

ARCTYC INNOVATIONS  | Willie Mendelson MEng ’15, Bryan Dunn Hotel ’14

RIGHT PRICE MANAGEMENT LLC | Rebecca Robinson MBA ’15, Derek Mayer MBA ’15

PRODUCE PAY | Pablo Borquez MBA ’15 [Winner of Shark Tank NYC]*Ineligible to win this event


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