Shark Tank Profile: Arctyc–Willie Mendelson MEng ’15 & Bryan Dunn Hotel ’14


Below are the comments of Bryan Dunn ’14 and Willie Mendelson ’15:

What is the mission/business of Arctyc?

Arctyc is developing a connected kitchen appliance that will elevate the wine-drinking experience by enabling consumers to enjoy their wine at the optimal temperature without the need to plan ahead. Our compact device is capable of chilling any bottle to a precise temperature in 4 minutes or less (including warm up time) without the need for ice, water, or harmful refrigerants. Simply scan a wine label using a smartphone, place the bottle in our device, and enjoy your perfectly temped wine! A connected app will communicate exactly what temperature to cool your wine to and enable you to order more of what you love straight to your door.

When, where, and why was it started?

Back in February 2014 in the Phi Kappa Psi kitchen, two Fraternity brothers found themselves mutually frustrated by the inability to cool a drink on demand. The utter dissatisfaction of a lukewarm Keystone inspired a high-energy chain of back and forth emails, and soon thereafter Arcytc was born. That Spring, the brothers-turned-teammates leveraged on-campus resources, namely the Cornell Big Idea Competition and the Advanced Materials Enabled Innovation Competition, to tighten up their business model and fund initial product development efforts.

Who are the Cornellians working on Arctyc?

Arctyc is comprised of Willie Mendleson (M.Eng ’15, MechE ‘14) and Bryan Dunn (Hotel ’14). Willie is the team’s engineering lead and the inventor of Arctyc’s proprietary cooling technology, while Bryan heads up the company’s business development efforts from New York City. The team has been collaborating on Arctyc for over a year at this point, and has a long road ahead – as is typical for a hardware startup. While the journey is difficult, the reward is rich. Both members are highly motivated to create a physical product that will enhance the day-to-day lives of passionate people like themselves for years to come.

What is Arctyc’s favorite entrepreneurship resource at Cornell?

eLab has been an awesome resource throughout the 2014/2015 academic year. In addition to providing funding to help cover intellectual property expenses, the program’s multidisciplinary team has been a valuable source of guidance as Arctyc has progressed forward. Whether critiquing a pitch, offering strategic direction, or making an important introduction, the program has shown its value time and time again. The team is looking forward to demo day in April and hopes to see many Dyson students in the crowd!

Learn more about Arctyc via their website here!

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