New Ideas Bubble at Pitch Competition

Do you ever wonder how products like the Snuggie and Colorama you see on television come about? On Tuesday, October 20th, Cornell invited ten finalists to pitch their inventive consumer products for a shot at a prize package valued at $50,000 courtesy of Will it Launch, As Seen on TV. The winner will receive a market test, and if successful, As Seen on TV will cover all manufacturing, marketing, and distributive costs. The competition was open to any student, faculty, staff or alum, and the finalists ranged from an undergraduate sophomore to a professor.

idea lightbulb

A few of the ideas included:

1. Clip on Pan: A small, clip-able pan to place in a frying or saute pan allows cooks to create sauces and food under one heat source. Patrick Tan of the hotel school believes this product will be useful to beginner and experienced cooks alike.

2. Quick Note: Are you ever caught in a situation where you need to take down a note but don’t have a pen? Robert Karpman, a professor of biomedical engineering, pitched a small, clip-able recording device to place on watches. He believes this product appeals to middle age people who are not technologically savvy.

3. Teqnizan: With the rise of smart technology, PhD students Rama Prasad and Takako Matoba pitched the idea of earrings that can send and transmit cell phone calls. The team believes fashionable and functional jewelry is an integral part of the future.

The Winner: Abhishek Bali of the Johnson School introduced Smart Mat, a yoga mat with a small recording built into a corner so yoga students can record and playback lessons. This allows students to bring the instruction and comfort of the yoga studio into their homes.