Anabel’s Grocery with Lizzi Gorman ’18 and Nick Karavolias ’18

anabels_logoAs many on this campus now know, a student run venture is going to be brining an affordable grocery store to the convenient location of Anabel Taylor Hall. Anabel’s Grocery will provide a cheap and easy way for Cornell students to purchase their own food and cook at home. Furthermore, Anabel’s is actively addressing the food insecurity issues on our campus. As Elizabeth Gorman and Nicholas Karavolias, both class of ’18, mention in the video below, the Cornell Pulse survey has confirmed that many students on this campus self-identify as being food insecure. By providing these students with subsidized groceries, the project hopes to address these problems.

Since the filming of this interview last semester, Anabel’s has received generous funding from the Student Assembly and President Garrett. Additionally, they are working closely with the administration to ensure the store is built and run successfully. Their Facebook page also shows the growing recognition and support across campus. Many of the challenges they discuss in the video have been addressed. That being said, the Anabel’s team still faces some pushback from the community and recognizes the difficulty of navigating a large, bureaucratic institution. The challenges they express highlight the differences between founding a college startup, and developing a massive project under the umbrella of a large organization. The project has come a long way over the past year. Here are Lizzi and Nick to discuss to discuss more: