The darker side of entrepreneurship: isolation and discouragement

In the media and pop culture, entrepreneurs have become heroes – and rightly so! There have been many successful individuals who work tirelessly to build revolutionary companies that are helping to improve our daily lives. But, it can be easy to forget that these lives aren’t all success and happiness. Working as an entrepreneur can be lonely and discouraging. Founders are responsible for their employees and investors, and they must keep up appearances with friends and board members. Michael Belkin, founder of, discusses his own experiences with dealing with such isolation, as well as what he believes the solution to be:

Not only can founders face strong feelings of lack of support, they also can be outright discouraged for pursing their vision. Many individuals, from employees to investors, will want to have their voices heard when decisions are made. Quite often, investors and employees will be more risk-averse than the founder. Karim Abouelnaga, who is working to expand his non-profit, Practice Makes Perfect, has faced significant pushback from his team in regards to his ambitious vision. In the clip below, he speaks in regards to how he has been able to stick to his guns and continue growing:

Before getting involved with entrepreneurship, it is important to remember that the road to success is filled with difficulty and discouragement. But dealing with these set-backs well will only make your company stronger. It is important to remember that there are many other founders with the same doubts you might be facing, and use your network to help you towards success.