Great New Books on Entrepreneurship

Scavenging library stacks for written treasures is a pleasure all students can experience. Cornell’s rich resources of new print literature largely goes unused, whether it is the latest issue of Harvard Business Review in Mann Library or new releases on entrepreneurship waiting to be plucked from the new book cart in Catherwood Library.

New books about entrepreneurship are helpful to entrepreneurs as well as those interested in exploring the startup world. These three books, all available through Cornell’s libraries, provide varied outlooks and advice:




Thomas Vogel, Breaththrough Thinking: Vogel provides insight on idea generation in this interactive, visual driven book. Although over 200 pages, it is filled with diagrams and practical ways to foster creativity in everyday life. The final section profiles a few dozen creative professionals, ranging from Emerson students to executives of marketing firms. Vogel is an Associate Professor of Marketing Communication at Emerson College, equipped with an MFA in graphic and film design and an engineering degree in information and media technology. He is also the Co-Founder of Mediaman, a marketing consulting firm.

Elissa Shevinsky,
Lean Out: As demonstrated in She Started It, female entrepreneurs face distinct challenges in the startup culture, particularly in Silicon Valley. Lean Out is a collection of personal essays from female leaders reflecting on these struggles. The book also highlights the challenges the LGBTQ community faces when creating startups. The essays demonstrate that each entrepreneur’s experience differ, but sexism and discrimination are serious issues even in forward-thinking places.

Richard Banfield,
Design Leadership: How do I plan for the future of my startup? How do I recruit and retain talent? How do I lead a very capable team? These are questions Cornell’s entrepreneurs frequently face, and Banfield offers some thoughts on all these inquiries in his condensed, reader-friendly book (which you can also read online through Cornell Library Services). Banfield co-founded Fresh Tilled Soil, a product development firm based in Boston. He offers years of professional experience curating products and team organization.