Startup Stories

Last Wednesday, Entrepreneurship@Dyson held Startup Stories: a panel of distinguished student entrepreneurs! Each student gave valuable insight into their companies from how they got started to where they will be going next!

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David He, Hyphen Connect

Business Premise: Networking revolutionized

Read more about Hyphen Connect


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Alex Strauch, Cayuga Crunch

Business Premise: A local food revolution

Read more about Cayuga Crunch


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Brian Schiff, RedRoute

Business Premise: Modern transportation, the college way

Read more about RedRoute


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Nicole Mensa, WƆ NƆ Ni

Business Premise: A cosmetic company focused on Shea Butter products

Read more about WƆ NƆ Ni


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Ben St Marc, Dj BenZ

Business Premise: A mobile DJ from Queens with mixes including anything from 90s tracks to the newest top hits

Listen to Dj BenZ

The panelists answered various questions about their entrepreneurial paths. To start, they introduced their businesses and how they got their start. For example, many of them they identified difficulties happening in their lives and were inspired to give the world a better solution. While some companies have already picked up traction like Cayuga Crunch, others are following in their footsteps. Nicole discussed how WƆ NƆ Ni is gaining popularity at Cornell’s Farmers Market and her hometown of Ghana, while Brian shared how RedRoute is currently promoting their transportation service. For many entrepreneurs the journey is not always a smooth one, and our five panelists have met obstacles. They mentioned how important it is to pivot and be open to change for further success. In addition, they talked about resources, professors, and mentors that they have contacted to help guide them and their businesses. Finally, all of our panelists explained their vision for the future and the direction that they see their company taking.

Once again, thank you to all of our panelists for sharing their startup stories and thank you to all that attended!