Branching Out with StartupTree

Have you ever thought about starting your own venture? If so, Cornell is probably a good place for you. With a seemingly endless number of great resources and entrepreneurially-minded students prepared to help you grow your project, Cornell boasts an entrepreneurship program that was ranked in the top five of Forbes’ list of “America’s Most Entrepreneurial Universities.” With so many resources to navigate through, where should you start?

startup-tree-logoIntroducing StartupTree: an exciting platform for students to explore the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Cornell. After creating a profile, a user enters a community fueled by a passion for entrepreneurship and collaboration. StartupTree also has a strong presence at other entrepreneurial institutions, including Babson College and Michigan State University, giving the platform a network guaranteed to help any student succeed.

“StartupTree is the central online hub for students to begin their entrepreneurial journey,” says Founder and eHub Director Peter Cortle. “That journey can lead to so many different paths, and our job is to provide the right information and support system along the way.”

Cortle and his team designed StartupTree using feedback from students to help more people engage with entrepreneurship, no matter what stage of the journey they’re in. “How the platform is used depends on what the user wants to do at that time,” Cortle explained. “StartupTree helps to organize the chaos of being an entrepreneur.”

startup-tree-feedStudents who have project ideas or ventures to work on can add either to StartupTree to connect with mentors and organizations that can accelerate progress. For example, StartupTree houses resources that can help with venture funding, technology, talent acquisition, marketing, and more. Meanwhile, students looking to get involved in entrepreneurship can view events, connect with peers, and look for opportunities to join ventures created on StartupTree. As a clearinghouse for top-class entrepreneurship organizations like Life Changing Labs, Student Agencies, Rev, and the Cornell Entrepreneur Network, StartupTree is even more powerful.

With a growing list of 450+ startups that have secured $3.9 billion in funding, StartupTree is looking to impact the world by growing student interest in entrepreneurship. “We can help spark economic development, and make a huge impact on a global scale. That’s one of the things I’m very excited about,” adds Cortle. As the platform reaches out to more universities and students across the world, that goal seems more and more realistic.

“Any students that are looking to get involved in entrepreneurship in any capacity should be on StartupTree,” states Cortle. “All of the entrepreneurially-minded students and alumni you want to connect with are there.”

For more on StartupTree outside of Cornell, check out their Facebook or information page.