The Entrepreneur’s Personality

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? What are the qualities one must posses? Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? As entrepreneurship becomes a growing field, it’s easy to label who is an entrepreneur and who isn’t. However, in reality, anyone can be an entrepreneur. Whether it’s starting a business or bringing a new idea to a student club, everyone has the ability to be creative and lead.

An Entrepreneurial Profile (EP10) can help you assess what talents you can contribute. As an example, I took the Gallup Strengths Center’s Entrepreneurial Profile Quiz.

The questionnaire contains three sections. Section 1 gives you a series of descriptors for you to chose from. You can select whether they strongly describe you or if they do not strongly describe you. Section 2 gives you various scenarios for you to agree or disagree with the specific actions you would take. Lastly, Section 3 gives you statements to agree, disagree, or remain neutral. The 30 minute quiz asks a diverse array of questions from teamwork behaviors to dealing with criticism. The quiz also only allots 20 seconds to response so you select your initial response without giving it to much deliberation or afterthought.







In the end, Gallup Strengths Center calculates and analyzes your answers to provide you with your Entrepreneurial Profile results! It lists your top ten talents with descriptions and suggested actions to implement and improve upon them. It also indicates your leadership style. For example, my style was “Activation”, which I found relatable. Personally, I love to brainstorm new ideas and implement them, whether it is starting a new fundraiser or filming videos for social media.


I found the Gallup Strengths Center Entrepreneurial Profile questionnaire extremely helpful, and I encourage you to explore your own talents and strengths! Collect feedback from your peers, professors, and even strangers to learn what you are good at and what you can be better at! Entrepreneurship is about both internal and external growth, and the more you learn about yourself, the better you can help serve your community and be the entrepreneur you dreamed of!

For more information about the Gallup Strengths Center, please visit their website.