Introducing the New 2016-2017 eLab Teams

After a competitive round of interviews that took place from September 27-29, Cornell’s eLab program has announced the teams it will be moving into the program. With the start of boot camp 1 on October 15, the momentum has only been growing.


Professor Tom Schryver talking to the 15 new start-ups at eLab’s first boot camp of the year

Here is the full list of the 15 teams admitted into eLab and their current team members:

Investmend (Check out E@D’s article about them here) – Samuel Kramer, Danielle Ragin

XBoard – Jeffrey Ly, Eric Berg

Pure Spinach – Serdar Mizrakci, Ziad G. Jarjouhi

Vispio (Check out E@D’s article about them here) – Shaan Franchi, Stuart Wang, Chris Colen

MilesAhead (Check out E@D’s article about them here) – Brian Becker, Rob Karp, Nelson Billington, Jack Kantor, Zach Falk, Stephanie Forester

FlexIt – Jason Guss, Fnu Apoorva, Trusha Parekh, Pankaj Singh, William Weinlandt

Comake, Inc. – Andres E. Gutierrez A., Adler Faulkner, Jack Tregurtha, Idan Levy

Fresh Fries – Vipul Prakash Saran, Natalia Solano, Rebecca Mosner, Harrison Willis

HealthGH – Samuel Opuku-Agyemang, Sena Katako, Dennis Nyanyo

Campus Connect (Check out E@D’s article about them here) – Andrew Paul Smith

Echiuma – Jessica Ogonor, Briana Ford, Holly Pham, Gina Banks

Dimitri – Valerie Denay Mack, Khalil Hajji

Provitos Sciences – Kartin Prasad, Phil Burnham

Big Red Hotels – Adrian Carabias Carroso, Adrian Martinez Madero, Imran Kamil Bendris Tourigny, Tushar Bendhela

Bulko – Zachary Chase, Jonah Eastzer, Oliver Yu, Divyanshu Jog, Ammad Muhammad

A quick glance at the names of the startups shows that the student entrepreneurs at Cornell have ideas that encompass a wide range of areas including education, new technology platforms, and entertainment. As time progresses, there will be more in-depth information about each startup. Keep an eye out for more information as we conduct individual interviews with each eLab startup to learn more about what they hope to accomplish.

For more information on how these startups evolve and what the goals of the teams are, check out the 2017 companies page on the eLab website here and stay updated with Entrepreneurship@Dyson.