DysID Rolls out the Wardrobe

The Charles H. Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management is home to hundreds of student organizations and has become a de facto hub for professional development. Just over two years ago, a group of students made the bold step of combining their passion for inclusion with their awareness of diversity in the business space today. In its short lifespan, the Dyson Inclusion and Diversity Program (DysID) has transformed from a five-student board to a committed and diversified group of over fifty members. In this short amount of time, DysID has developed eight discrete committees, led by an executive board of twelve longstanding members.

DysID’s most attention-grabbing initiative has been in developing stages for just over a year and is prepared to launch at Cornell as soon as next academic year. This initiative,The Wardrobe, aims to provide free professional attire to students on Cornell’s campus that don’t already have access to it. Through The Wardrobe, DysID hopes to enable students who previously couldn’t access these resources to succeed in job interviews, class presentations, and more.

Why Wardrobe?

“The Wardrobe brings people together. In providing students professional clothing, we’re breaking down barriers and helping students succeed,” explains Fred Kauber (’19).

The outpouring of support for this project immediately came from all angles. Dyson alumni, active students, and professors all supported the initiative through donations and strategic advice. Larger institutions like EY and Deutsche Bank even contributed through donations and professional clothing drives. To drive home the significance and necessity of The Wardrobe, DysID has been releasing daily video testimonials from students with the theme #WhyWardrobeMatters. The Wardrobe team holds a central belief business-wear can serve as an equalizer in an interview seat, information session, or even class presentation. In today’s hyper-competitive marketplace, DysID believes that students deserve an equal playing field on which to show their talents and drive.

Crowdfunding Now:

For the month of November, DysID has been leading a crowdfunding campaign to raise the funds to build inventory to provide all students in need of professional attire with access to the perfect item. The executive board remarked that it is confident it will reach its $15,000 goal by the deadline. Interested in helping? Donations are always greatly appreciated, but spreading the word can be just as helpful.

“This is such a noble, worthwhile cause to benefit our students that awareness is the most important part of this crowdfunding effort. If enough people know they can help, we’ll reach our goal comfortably. I am confident,” explains optimistic President of DysID Kenny Sang (’17).

For more information on DysID, visit them at dysid.strikingly.com.

For crowdfunding updates, visit https://crowdfunding.cornell.edu/project/2836.