Aditya Agashe (’17) Redesigns Startup Technology

In an era where technology is deemed one of the most important channels in which businesses reach and connect to their customers, building the right website and mobile applications is key. Aditya (Adi) Agashe, a senior in the College of Engineering majoring in computer science with a business minor, helps Cornell-affiliated entrepreneurs, startups, and alumni build their technology platforms through Belle Apps: a software consulting company that creates websites and mobile applications tailored for each client’s business needs.

“We help founders that lack technical expertise turn their business ideas into a full technology logo
product that they can grow or sell,” says Adi. By serving as this technology intermediary for
startups, Belle Apps helps transform business ideas into tangible business models and platforms that can reach target consumers and generate revenue. Belle Apps strongly focuses on working with businesses in the ideation phase so the partnerships can allow for simple cash and/or equity exchanges, but more importantly because these businesses are passionate and eager to find and capture their very first customers.

With the software design industry only growing in competition, Adi described Belle Apps’ competitive advantage with a multi-faceted approach that extends well beyond software development. “We help businesses go through the process of customer discovery and design testing—we aim to emphasize user experience so our clients can reach their desired customers in an impactful way,” Adi explains. Compared to other agencies and contractors, Belle Apps boasts a more direct and collaborative partnership with its clients, all at a price that is appealing for startups that are limited in capital.


Aditya Agashe (’17)

How does the process actually work? First, a startup or entrepreneur communicates general information about his/her business idea or vision. Then, this client is matched with a product manager to further determine the details and features that would be most practical and beneficial to the business’ mobile application or website. From this point on, there is constant collaboration between the client and a team of Belle Apps employees in customer discovery, design testing, and software development. Ultimately, a once stagnant entrepreneurial idea is transformed into a 3-D business model and technology platform that can initiate customer growth and capital returns.

Currently, Belle Apps is striving to scale and automate its marketplace to connect and match clients to the appropriate teams and to recruit qualified students who would be a good fit at Belle Apps. “We are looking to recruit top students who are strong designers, experienced web/mobile app developers, and eventually product managers who will help manage team members to deliver a beautiful finished product to our clients,” Adi says.

Any Cornell startup, entrepreneur, or alumni interested in working with Belle Apps can reach Adi at or visit Belle Apps’ website here. Additionally, if you are currently a student who is seeking experience in design or software development, and are interested in learning more about working for Belle Apps, please reach out to Aditya as he is currently recruiting for their 2017 Winternship roles