Defined: Simple, Easy-to-Create Personal Websites

With the technology industry always on the rise, there are plenty of options on the Internet that you can leverage when creating your own brand or website for your job hunt or professional development. Simeon Videnov (’18, Information Science) wanted to bring a new perspective to this area by creating Defined, a website builder that emphasizes two factors that college students love: user-friendliness and convenience.

Defined is a website and portfolio builder designed for simplicity. “Some students know how to code and some don’t, but either way, many people just don’t want to spend much time building a personal website,” says Videnov. To help the students who want to create an appealing website with just a few clicks, Defined gives you the option to create a page that fits your needs in a time-efficient manner.

Videnov first came up with the idea back in January of this year, but most progress was made in April through the end of the summer. As a participant of Life Changing Labs’ summer incubator program, Defined received valuable feedback from mentors for their customer discovery and development process. “LCL taught me that most companies fail not because they created something that didn’t work, but rather that they created something that no one wants. With that in mind, you would be shocked to see how many people have actually never heard of a website builder,” explains Videnov.

How does the website work? The website is available and free for anyone to sign up and use, and there are templates and color schemes to organize content with no coding required. Videnov believes the problem with many other website builders is that people get intimidated by the endless choices at hand, but Defined condenses and narrows down the options for easy navigation and speed.

The website is fully functional and equipped for use by the public. Videnov is planning to release a pro version that customers can purchase sometime soon. This enhanced version will feature more templates, color schemes, and finer details for users that may want to go beyond a simple website design. Down the line, Defined is also looking at opportunities to connect directly with universities by licensing the platform, allowing it to reach a large base of students.

Explore the Defined website by clicking here. To learn more about Defined, please contact Simeon Videnov at or visit his personal webpage here.