SigOpt: Elevating Business Through Optimization

Scott Clark, a Cornell graduate with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and a Masters in Computer Science, views optimization as the key to success in organizations. In fact, he sees many organizational efforts as an optimization challenge. Organizations spend a lot of time attempting to discern which set of inputs will provide the most valuable…

Meet the Entrepreneurial Interior Designer

Kevin O’Gara (Design and Environmental Analysis 20’) is the brain behind ‘Thou Swell,’ an Atlanta lifestyle blog which has accrued almost twelve thousand followers on Instagram in approximately four years. O’Gara describes the blog as a place for those with an eye for design and ‘entertaining enthusiasts.’ O’Gara’s interests lie in forming a world where social and environmental impact overlap. The Cornell sophomore has worked with national companies such as, Home Depot, Target, Trulia, and Jonathan Alder. With O’Gara’s sophisticated eye, many of his followers have been surprised to learn that he is only a college student.