Big Red Startup Moments Captures Student Entrepreneurship Experience

Last week for Entrepreneurship Celebration, Entrepreneurship@Dyson hosted their panel, Big Red Startup Moments, to capture the student entrepreneurship experience. The panel featured Daniel Abaraola ’18, founder of Vita Shoes, Colby Triolo ’19, founder of The Worldwide Travel Network, Jamie Kim ’19, founder of bumble & butter, Albert Caldarelli ’19, CTO of Religio.

Introducing the Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI)

This semester, the SC Johnson College of Business is launching their newest program, a Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation (MEI). The mission of the University-Wide Minor in Entrepreneurship and Innovation is to prepare Cornell students to be agents of change in careers that require the application of entrepreneurial thinking and action to economic and social challenges. Underlying the minor is the premise that the value of entrepreneurship education is to create an innovative, creative mindset and to add a set of entrepreneurial tools and experiences that will prepare students from across Cornell as citizens and professionals.

Travel the World with Brynne Merkley (‘20) and Colby Triolo (‘19)

In the summer of 2017, both Brynne Merkley (‘20) and Colby Triolo (‘19) wanted to travel the world. Brynne was excited to bike across Canada, and Colby wanted to backpack through Europe. Not wanting to travel solo, they each reached out to their friends, asking if anyone wanted to join. The responses they received were defeating: people had internships and jobs or only wanted to travel for a week, not the whole summer. As a result, Brynne and Colby cancelled their travel plans and got tech internships in Boston, where they ended up meeting and sharing their problem of wanting to travel. Both bonded over not being able to find like-minded travel partners with similar schedules and compatible styles. Together, they wanted to bring travelers together and help people explore the world, which inspired them to launch their company, The Worldwide Travel Network.

Jenna Martinez’s (‘19) Açaísy Dishes out Sales

This past summer, Jenna Martinez ‘19 lived in her hometown of Miami, FL, interning and soaking up the warm weather. During that time, she realized that açaí bowls were really popular in Miami and after trying them, she was in love. As the summer was coming to an end, she thought about how she would get açaí bowls in Ithaca, NY and quickly found that there was a gap in the market. With her determination and initiative, Martinez launched Açaísy, the first service that allows people to order açaí right to their door in 10 minutes or less!

Planting the Seed for Petal with Michael Eaton (‘18) and Santi Alegria (‘18)

Home of Cornell University, Ithaca, NY has been known for growing rich intellectual experiences for students, but when it comes to growing plants, the cold and dark weather is not conducive. After growing up in Botswana, Michael Eaton (‘18) yearned for the big garden he used to have; in junior year, he decided to use his love for making things to discover how to grow herbs given the poor Ithacan weather and his limited apartment space. He reached out to this friend, Santiago “Santi” Alegria (‘18), shared his goal, and shortly after, Petal was planted.

Crunching Down on a Simpler, Sweet, and Savory Granola with Kim (’19)

Jamie Kim ‘19 has been baking since high school, but it tastes like she’s been doing it for several lives. At least, that’s what hordes of students, Manndibles cafe, successful chefs, and her friends and family might tell you.

In high school, Kim baked granola as gifts, experimenting with different spices and herbs unique to granola, like lavender and rosemary, which would soon become her signature touch on what seemed to be a saturated market.

The idea for bumble & butter started in October 2016, originally intended to be a breakfast company–selling pastries, as well as granola. As a student in the School of Hotel Administration, Kim pitched the company in her marketing class. The idea started to gain traction, but the taste of the granola spoke for itself.

Caitlin Strandberg: From Slope Media to Venture Capital

Listed as one of Forbes’ 30 under 30 and founder of Slope Media, Caitlin Strandberg ‘10, has worked her way up in the venture capital industry since graduating from Cornell University. Recently the 28-year-old spoke at Forte Campus at Cornell’s Speaker series and highlighted her startup experiences at Cornell and beyond.

Elizabeth Li ’19 Launches Her Campus Cornell

Within one semester of launching her online publication, Her Campus Cornell, Elizabeth Li ‘19 has watched the club thrive. She explained that Her Campus Cornell involves a collaboration of writing, marketing, and event planning teams focused on featuring relatable and trendy media content for its readers. The Cornell chapter is a subset of the international Her Campus organization. Li stated that Her Campus Cornell’s advantage is that “there is no publication on campus that parallels with the niche audience that Her Campus targets.” The magazine focuses on college-aged women at Cornell, emphasizing women’s topics, issues, and empowerment.

Park (‘18) Builds Inclusive Business Organization

Last semester, Leslie Park ‘18 decided to start something new: a club. After becoming familiar with the current professional organizations on campus, Park realized “that there was a need for a business organization that was more welcoming and offered more flexibility.” With strong determination and passion, Park launched Cornell’s very own Phi Beta Lambda chapter.

Students Launch First Undergraduate Marketing Club

Cornell has 1,200 student organizations and that number continues to grow. Yet, there was no go-to marketing club on Cornell’s undergraduate campus. Six students finally realized this anomaly and took action to create the university’s first premier marketing club. Cornell Marketing Organization (CMO) strives to create value in the marketing sector for both its members and partners.

The Entrepreneur’s Personality

What does it take to be an entrepreneur? What are the qualities one must posses? Do you have what it takes to be an entrepreneur? As entrepreneurship becomes a growing field, it’s easy to label who is an entrepreneur and who isn’t. However, in reality, anyone can be an entrepreneur. Whether it’s starting a business or bringing a new idea to a student club, everyone has the ability to be creative and lead.

Startup Stories

Last Wednesday, Entrepreneurship@Dyson held Startup Stories: a panel of distinguished student entrepreneurs! Each student gave valuable insight into their companies from how they got started to where they will be going next!

Entrepreneurship Celebration: The Physical Product Panel

Last week, the Entrepreneurship Celebration at Cornell University featured various panels and discussions regarding the challenges and rewards of entrepreneurial paths. Here’s a look at the Physical Product panel, moderated by Ken Rother, Managing Director, eLab and Robert Shepherd, Assistant Professor of Mechanical and Aerospece Engineering, Cornell University. Student panelists included Nandita Bal MEN ’15, Founder, Meditrust; Steven Dourmashkin ’15, MEN ’16, Founder, Specdrums; Micah Green ’18, Founder, Maidbot; and Caitlin Parrucci MEng ’16, Founder, Equine Design.

Sweet Cardamom with Michele Pothen (’18)

Starting in 2014, Michele Pothen (’18) and her sister Meril created a sweet entrepreneurial venture: Sweet Cardamom! The dessert company features hand-crafted designs on their signature sugar cookies. The girls have dealt with both successes like completing a 400 cookie count order and challenges such as prioritizing school and work over baking. In this interview, Michele discusses more about her family business from the meaning behind its name to what’s it like working with her sister!

Catherine Wei (’19) and the Boston Marathon Snack Shack

This spring, Entrepreneurship@Dyson welcomes a few new writers. Say hello to Catherine Wei! As a freshman, Catherine is interested in pursuing entrepreneurship and marketing concentrations within the Applied Economics and Management major. She is excited to share her passion for entrepreneurship and connect with students and alumni for Entrepreneurship@Dyson. Today, Catherine will be sharing her first business experience: the Boston Marathon Snack Shack!