Reflecting on three years at E@D

Three years have truly flown by. I still remember my first day sitting at an E@D meeting early in my Sophomore year. Over the past three years, I have learned many valuable lessons from the student entrepreneurs I have spoken with and the other writing I have done, and I’m happy to share them with you today. The three key lessons I have learned throughout my time writing for E@D are talk to people, ask for help, and just go for it.

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know: The importance of a network

“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know”, states Joy Kuebler, founder of Joy Kuebler Landscape Architect PC (JKLA), as she discusses getting through a rough patch in her business. The idea of networking and the value of a strong network is constantly brought up in business and entrepreneurship classes, but hearing stories from successful entrepreneurs adds color to the importance of surrounding yourself with the right people.

Silicon Valley Tech Trek: Seeing the Ecosystem

Over the past few years, Tech Treks have been growing in popularity. Perhaps you have heard of these trips to areas like Boston, but what exactly are they? And what value do they have for young entrepreneurs? Recently, Professor Michael Roach took a group of Ph.D. students to Silicon Valley to explore the ecosystem.

Is Entrepreneurship an Innate Talent or a Learned Skill?

As a student studying entrepreneurship, at a university with a thriving entrepreneurial program, writing for a publication sponsored by an entrepreneurship education program, I believe entrepreneurship can be taught. That being said, the debate on whether entrepreneurship is a learned skill or an innate talent is a highly debated issue and successful entrepreneurs take both sides of the debate.

Building a Founding Team

Finding a co-founder and building out a founding team is one of the most difficult and important tasks any startup faces. The founders will set the culture for the entire company and their skills must complement each other. Additionally, they must have strong working relationships and be able to interact positively with each other. When bringing on a co-founder or two, there are many aspects to consider, including size of the team, the relationship between each member, and the skills and roles each person brings.

The Value of Failure

Failure comes in many forms; it’s the reaction to this failure that ends up defining a company. Failure can cause minor changes to a startup, redefine a startup, or bring an end to a startup. Failure is also the reason the most successful start-ups are able to take on the world.

Finding and Knowing Your Customers

Understanding your customers is key to the success of any business. What makes customer research particularly interesting for a startup is you can be unsure of who your customers actually are or should be and the market you are entering may be very young with limited information.

MacroFuel Part II: Running a Successful Kickstarter

MacroFuel was founded at Cornell in 2015 during the Spring semester. The company has designed a healthy meal supplement for busy people looking for a quick and nutritionally complete food alternative. For more details on their founding and what it is like to start a company at Cornell, see part one of the MacroFuel story.…

MacroFuel: Building a Company at Cornell

MacroFuel, a nutritionally complete meal in drinkable form, was founded Spring 2015 on Cornell’s campus. As explained by CIO Alex Meyers, the mission of the company is to “fuel your life when you are too busy for a well-balanced meal with a quick and affordable alternative”. From the start, MacroFuel has had strong connections to Cornell.…

ProducePay: Revolutionizing Produce Financing

Pablo Borquez was born into a farming family in Mexico. For generations, his family has worked in the industry and Pablo has always had a passion for it. When he was 23 he went to work for a Guimarra, a produce marketer and distributer. Through his work with Guimarra, Pablo gained experience working at farms…

Shark Tank Profile: S.A.L.T.

Who is on the executive team and how many other students are on the whole team? Because we’re still less than a year old, our executive team is small. It consists of my partner, Eliot Kim, and me. I am a 2nd year PhD candidate at Weill Cornell Medical College. Though S.A.L.T. is not my…

Mentorship: E@D Connect with Alex Krakoski

This semester, we hosted our first mentorship program, E@D Connect. Now that the semester is wrapping up, I spoke with one of our mentees, Alex Krakoski from Worthy Jerky, about his experience being mentored by Pam Silverstein.   What did you personally get out of this mentorship?Pam Silverstein and I have spoken extensively about plans…