Agnes: Finding Your Community

When college students aren’t busy with their classes, clubs and extracurricular activities take up most of their time and shape their college experience. At Cornell, students are bombarded from the start of their freshmen year with ClubFest, quarter cards, e-mails, and Facebook notifications as they begin exploring what organizations are a right fit for them. Even after they settle in, promotion of campus events, club-sponsored workshops, networking opportunities, etc. is a never-ending cycle of mass information.

VitaScan – Moving from Cornell Research Labs to Industry

When it comes to medical diagnostic technologies, the focus has always been on disease detection. Having a device to instantly detect the presence of particular diseases in a patient’s body is desirable in a world where early detection is the key to containing the effects of such conditions. Yet, nutrition diagnostics technologies have been much less formulated than these disease diagnostics ones. This is the perfectly niche space in which VitaScan, a Cornell start-up, is taking giant steps.

Kaitlyn Wright (‘14) Launches La Vie en Raw

Imagine if you ate breakfast cereal your entire life. According to Kaitlyn Wright (Cornell Law School, ‘14), feeding your dog just commercial kibble is very similar. Wright is the founder of La Vie en Raw, a business that sells organic, grass-fed raw dog food in Colorado. She started the business just four months ago and left her position as an attorney to pursue her startup full-time with cousin, Jessica.

Specdrums Brings a New Beat to the Music World

Do you ever wish you could play the drums but don’t have space to store them or time for lessons? Spectrums is revolutionizing the way you think about playing music. The eLab graduate company has developed a ring that detects the color of objects it touches. The ring sends a signal to your mobile device and plays a corresponding sound for hours of musical exploration. Sounds range from traditional drum sounds to animal calls to your own recordings.

Friends Reunited: Jordan Ross and

Many college students miss their pets as much as their families during their time away from home. For alumnus Jordan Ross (Economics ‘05), this bond became especially important as he recovered from domestic violence (DV). Unfortunately, this relationship was threatened when he discovered many recovery shelters would not accept his furry companion.

Creating Community with Brian Endo (’15) and Chris Davis (’15)

For most college students, the question of “What am I going to do after graduation?” can appear rather frightening. Outside of the safety bubble of college lie fears surrounding adjusting to a new place, self-sufficiency, and choosing the right career.

For Cornell graduates Brian Endo and Chris Davis, this is the same sense of fear that motivates them to work on their new social media app, Baton. Baton is a video-based collaboration platform where users can start and respond to threads about their experiences on their college campus. Brian and Chris created Baton to help alleviate the growing disconnect between individuals and their broader campus community.

Brian and Chris both graduated from the Dyson School of Applied Economics and Management one year early in 2015 so that they could solely focus on making Baton a success. For more on why Brian and Chris believe Baton is the next big video platform, read more below:

Leveling Up with Nintendo’s President

On September 24, the back dining room of Taverna Banfi filled with eleven students anxiously fiddling with place settings and comparing questions. They were waiting for Reggie Fils-Aime, the President of Nintendo North America. Many dreamed of meeting Fils-Aime for many years, and his leadership inspired them to add a business minor onto their mostly…

CUSummit Q&A: Pointers from Dana Price, MBA ’11

At this year’s Entrepreneurship Summit, I had the pleasure of sitting next to Dana Price. From the outset, I could tell this was going to be an interesting conversation. We immediately compared and contrasted this year’s event to that of previous years and exchanged our thoughts on what made year’s event different from the others. Even though I didn’t…

Thank you, E@D Connect Mentors!

As we wrap up our pilot mentorship program, E@D Connect, we would like to thank our mentors for taking the time to provide insight in their areas of expertise—which includes but is not limited to operational realities of a new company, the business planning process, and entrepreneurial leadership. Mentors like those from E@D Connect are…

Just Save One – Kennedy Ogoye ’12

The following is an interview with Kennedy Ogoye ’12, CEO of Just Save One: What is the mission of Just Save One? In 2011, I founded “Just Save One” (JSO), a non-profit organization committed to developing sustainable solutions to the water crisis that has drowned many under privileged communities. Our goal for 2014 is to provide 20…

Eric Young (’78) – Open Advice from a VC to Entrepreneurs

” I would rather work with a smart, capable entrepreneur with a mediocre idea than vice versa”  -Eric Young ’78 Co-founder of venture capital firm, Canaan Partners, Eric Young knows what to look for in a successful entrepreneur and a promising start-up idea. His company makes investments in high growth operating companies, typically in either the technology…

E@D Alumna Morgan Beller ’13 Highlighted on Cornell Daily Sun and Offers Advice on Following Your Passions

Morgan Beller ’13, recent E@D alumna, co-founder of PopShop, and now partner at Andreessen Horowitz, a $2.5 billion VC firm based in California, was recently featured in the Cornell Daily Sun. In the interview she explains how she went from being an undergraduate at Cornell to being at the right place at the right time and ultimately becoming a partner at Andreessen Horowitz. Check out…

Art, Fashion & A Button-Up StartUp

Ideas come to us at different times and different places – you constantly hear about the ‘dorm room entrepreneur’ these days as inspiration may even strike us in our pajamas sitting in Donlon Hall. This scenario happened to one Cornell entrepreneur only he was sporting a button-up shirt.   In his sophomore year, Mac Bishop…