inServe: Volunteering Made Simple

Did you ever experience the troubles of keeping track of your community service hours in high school? With multiple requirements and procedures students must worry about when seeking volunteer opportunities and recording hours, it is often difficult to truly enjoy the meaning behind community service. Emmet Reilly (’21, Communication) looked to create a medium that combines students’ passion for community service and the way students use technology today through inServe: a community service platform that connects student volunteers with opportunities around them and allows them to record their required hours without the hassle of traditional paperwork.

VitaScan – Moving from Cornell Research Labs to Industry

When it comes to medical diagnostic technologies, the focus has always been on disease detection. Having a device to instantly detect the presence of particular diseases in a patient’s body is desirable in a world where early detection is the key to containing the effects of such conditions. Yet, nutrition diagnostics technologies have been much less formulated than these disease diagnostics ones. This is the perfectly niche space in which VitaScan, a Cornell start-up, is taking giant steps.

SigOpt: Elevating Business Through Optimization

Scott Clark, a Cornell graduate with a PhD in Applied Mathematics and a Masters in Computer Science, views optimization as the key to success in organizations. In fact, he sees many organizational efforts as an optimization challenge. Organizations spend a lot of time attempting to discern which set of inputs will provide the most valuable…

Defined: Simple, Easy-to-Create Personal Websites

With the technology industry always on the rise, there are plenty of options on the Internet that you can leverage when creating your own brand or website for your job hunt or professional development. Simeon Videnov (’18, Information Science) wanted to bring a new perspective to this area by creating Defined, a website builder that emphasizes two factors that college students love: user-friendliness and convenience.

OrthoFit: Ergonomic Solutions

Do you ever find your wrist very sore or in pain because you’ve been in a certain position for too long? There’s no doubt that students at Cornell can get wrapped up in the cycle of work and stress, and with that comes poor habits when it comes down to crunch time. Still, repetitive motion injuries do not stop after college. In fact, these injuries become even more serious in the workplace and result in enormous costs to the workforce (read more here). A team of Cornell students—Jason Guss, Fnu Aporrva, Pankaj Singh, Will Weinlandt, and Pehuen Moure—saw this problem unfold in many industries and created OrthoFit to provide professionals with custom smart wearable solutions that enable posture monitoring and correction. As current CEO of OrthoFit, Jason Guss (PhD. ’18, Biomedical Engineering) recently sat down with E@D to share their story.

New Startup, Old Industry: The Creation of The Ithaca Voice

In Ithaca, most of us consume our news online, a trend that has been rapidly increasing over the past 15 years. This trend came to the forefront of conversation in 2016 due to the perpetuation of fake news that has pervaded social media spaces like Facebook. Despite the online news controversy, The Ithaca Voice has been able to flourish as an online-only, local news startup. The Ithaca Voice recently surpassed The Cornell Daily Sun in number of online followers, making it the most read local news outlet in Ithaca.

Vengo Labs Launches High-Tech Vending Machines at Cornell

Have you ever asked a stranger if you could borrow a phone charger? After launching at Cornell this month, Vengo Labs hopes you won’t have to anymore.

Vengo Labs has partnered with Cornell Store to offer phone chargers, Advil, and more to students on the go through new high-tech vending machines. Unlike traditional vending machines, which are large and bulky, Vengo machines have a small, compact design so they can be mounted on the walls of high-traffic locations.

PureSpinach: Ithaca’s Locally Grown, Nutritious Spinach

Commonly labeled as America’s “favorite leafy green,” spinach has always been very popular; still, many people can only access West Coast grown spinach in the supermarket or purchase the vegetable during the limited months it is available in farmers’ markets. To solve this problem, two MBA Cornell students, Serdar Mizrakci and Ziad Jarjouhi, founded PureSpinach. PureSpinach provides people with the fresh spinach through local, hydroponic growing methods.

Dimitri: Giving You the Power to Create

The concept of 3D printing is rapidly growing in the manufacturing industry, but there is still significant room for growth in the consumer market (learn more about industry trends here). To leverage this opportunity, Valerie Mack (Master of Professional Studies, ’17), Khalil Hajji (Master of Engineering, 2017), Mutahir Kazmi (Master of Engineering, ‘17), and Leo Jingyang Liu (Master of Architecture, ‘18) founded Dimitri: a startup that aims to bring autonomy and consumer centricity to the world using 3D printing.

Natural Cuts: A Revolutionary Solution to Vegetable Shelf-Life Extension

Why can’t a fresh cut vegetable last longer? Can we offer an alternative to frozen vegetables that provides comparable shelf-life yet still retains the fresh qualities of vegetables in the natural produce aisle? These questions led to the research for a solution and after months of hard work, Vipul Saran (Masters in Food Science, ‘17) and his Advisor, Dr. Syed Rizvi, discovered a new innovative process to achieve this with fresh cut peeled potato French fries. This novel processing methodology extends the shelf-life of fresh cut potato for at least 60 days, without refrigeration, something never achieved before in the space. They believe for this to potentially work on other vegetables and fruits too and are constantly working to prove it.

Maidbot Revolutionizes Hotel Housekeeping

Have you ever dreamed about what it would be like to live life in a television show? A team led by Cornell students Micah Green and Alex Levy is trying to bring that dream one step closer with Maidbot: a robotics company revolutionizing the way humans clean. Growing up as an avid fan of The Jetsons, Green developed the idea for an autonomous cleaning robot like “Rosie” that could be used clean hotel rooms while working in the Cornell School of Hotel Administration.

Make Your Files Count

Have you ever found yourself trying to find the right piece of information from a file on your computer? One Cornell-based startup has the solution. Comake is an online platform designed to help users access and understand their files. Simply put, Comake understands how a file or a piece of information has been previously used and creates a preview of its past to help you determine if and how it can be leveraged in the present. In creating a new sort of social productivity network around files, Comake has formed with a goal of making files more intuitive and collaborative.

This Girl Means Business: Beverly Wallenstein (ILR ’16) and Girls Mean Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own company? Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur or adding entrepreneurial values to anything you do? If so, you probably have also been afraid and nervous. To promote more entrepreneurship and business for girls, Beverly Wallenstein (ILR’16) started Girls Mean Business. In an exciting business camp, girls can participate, engage and prepare to be next-gen leaders. We at Entrepreneurship@Dyson recently caught up with Beverly to learn more about Girls Mean Business:

Branching Out with StartupTree

Introducing StartupTree: an exciting platform for students to explore the entrepreneurship ecosystem at Cornell. After creating a profile, a user enters a community fueled by a passion for entrepreneurship. StartupTree also has a strong presence at other entrepreneurial universities, like Babson and Michigan State, giving the platform a network guaranteed to help any student succeed.

Made in Ithaca – Wicked Device LLC

Dirk is the Founder of Wicked Device LLC, an engineering startup proudly based in Ithaca, New York. Dirk started Wicked Device as a place to let all of his ideas come to life, and he and his team have had a lot of successes over the past few years. To name a few, Wicked Device’s Air Quality Egg earned a “Best of Kickstarter 2012” distinction, and the company has several new products in the electronics space being released to Barnes and Noble this Christmas.

Dirk recently took some time to speak with Entrepreneurship@Dyson about Wicked Device, his love of Ithaca, and his enduring entrepreneurial spirit.

MilesAhead: Reinventing Travel, Crafting Experiences

Chartering private planes is difficult for established professionals, let alone a group of college freshmen. This spring break, MilesAhead did just that. The company chartered a private plane from Ithaca to Westchester and trimmed eight passengers’ commute home from eight hours on a bus to forty-two minutes on a plane.

Phoodieur: A Picture’s Worth 1,000 Reviews

Have you ever had a tough time finding a good restaurant? Instead of sifting through thousands of online reviews on traditional platforms like Yelp or Google, you may want to start your next search at Phoodieur: a visual media platform that turns your mobile device or web browser into a fly on the wall at the best restaurants in the world. Phoodieur helps users to evaluate restaurants by showcasing photos of the different dishes offered on the menu and the ambiance they can expect when dining there. With Phoodieur, you can also access traditional user reviews, pricing data, restaurant operating information, and much more. All information is uploaded by customers or restaurants to give you a full understanding of which restaurants look the most appetizing!