Elizabeth Li ’19 Launches Her Campus Cornell

Within one semester of launching her online publication, Her Campus Cornell, Elizabeth Li ‘19 has watched the club thrive. She explained that Her Campus Cornell involves a collaboration of writing, marketing, and event planning teams focused on featuring relatable and trendy media content for its readers. The Cornell chapter is a subset of the international Her Campus organization. Li stated that Her Campus Cornell’s advantage is that “there is no publication on campus that parallels with the niche audience that Her Campus targets.” The magazine focuses on college-aged women at Cornell, emphasizing women’s topics, issues, and empowerment.

The Foundry Builds the Future

Located on the East Side of Buffalo, NY, The Foundry is a startup that is a community space and business incubator with a trade-based focus. Through its mentor program, metal shop, woodshop, and fiber arts studio, The Foundry helps people start product-based businesses.

Justin Selig (‘17) Inspires Cornell’s Creative Spirit

When Justin Selig was in second grade, he folded his first origami figurine. The power of creation inspired him, and he began attending weekly origami lessons at the Museum of Natural History. Years later, Selig’s spirit of making is still alive – so much so that he founded Cornell Make, an organization devoted to furthering Cornellians’ creative spirits.

Park (‘18) Builds Inclusive Business Organization

Last semester, Leslie Park ‘18 decided to start something new: a club. After becoming familiar with the current professional organizations on campus, Park realized “that there was a need for a business organization that was more welcoming and offered more flexibility.” With strong determination and passion, Park launched Cornell’s very own Phi Beta Lambda chapter.

Aditya Agashe (’17) Redesigns Startup Technology

In an era where technology is deemed one of the most important channels in which businesses reach and connect to their customers, building the right website and mobile applications is key. Aditya (Adi) Agashe, a senior in the College of Engineering majoring in computer science with a business minor, helps Cornell-affiliated entrepreneurs, startups, and alumni build their technology platforms through Belle Apps: a software consulting company that creates websites and mobile applications tailored for each client’s business needs.

DysID Rolls out the Wardrobe

DysID’s most attention-grabbing initiative has been in developing stages for just over a year and is prepared to launch at Cornell as soon as next academic year. This initiative,The Wardrobe, aims to provide free professional attire to students on Cornell’s campus that don’t already have access to it. Through The Wardrobe, DysID hopes to enable students who previously couldn’t access these resources to succeed in job interviews, class presentations, and more.

Students Launch First Undergraduate Marketing Club

Cornell has 1,200 student organizations and that number continues to grow. Yet, there was no go-to marketing club on Cornell’s undergraduate campus. Six students finally realized this anomaly and took action to create the university’s first premier marketing club. Cornell Marketing Organization (CMO) strives to create value in the marketing sector for both its members and partners.

A Real World Education – Shaan Franchi and Stuart Wang Discuss Vispio

Have you ever felt a disconnect between what you were learning in school and the “real world”? Students rejoice; teachers have felt it, too. The downside, however, is that most teachers don’t know how to fix it. Teachers, especially at the middle school and high school level, are consistently evaluated on how well their students perform on tests designed for a set curriculum. In other words, teachers don’t have much incentive to distract their students from that set curriculum by spending class time each week discussing news and other world events.

While educators have struggled with this problem, a group of students from Cornell has found the solution: Vispio.

Weaving the Future: Shaibyaa Rajbhandari ’18 with Patuka

Cornell student Shaibyaa Rajbhandari ‘18 started her entrepreneurial journey last year with Utthan. Utthan is a multidimensional social investment company that creates long-term sustainable impact in Nepal following the earthquake in 2015. The entire world came together to help in immediate rehabilitation but often that is short-term. With Utthan, Shaibyaa aims to create a healthier and economically stable alternative for families affected by the earthquake.

E@D met with Shaibyaa last year to talk about Utthan, and we catch up with her again to talk about the second installation of her journey: Patuka.

Lucas Millman (’18) and Happiness Abscissa

Next time you want to splurge on some new perfume or soap, head to the Cornell Store for a truly Cornell brand. Environmental Economics major Lucas Millman (‘18) and two Weill Medical professors – Dr. Beeder and Dr. Oribe – are pioneering a non-gendered fragrance company dedicated to mental well-being. When you use their products, you will be transported to peaceful fields of fruit trees.

Startup Stories

Last Wednesday, Entrepreneurship@Dyson held Startup Stories: a panel of distinguished student entrepreneurs! Each student gave valuable insight into their companies from how they got started to where they will be going next!

Siddhant Sachdev (‘17) Brews Success

Siddhant Sachdev (A&S ‘17) claims to “not be a coffee person,” but if he had to have a cup, he’d opt for a caramel frappuccino. Although you won’t find him drinking a standard cup of coffee, he’s brewing something more powerful: knowledge.

Ezra Box: Cornell’s Storage Solution with Karnavat (’17) and Tayal (’16)

For many people, summer is a time for friends, sun, and relaxation. That is, unless you need to find a place to store your stuff. In short, many college students who live far away from their university campuses struggle to find local storage facilities to house their belongings over long breaks and avoid the hassle of bringing them back home. Similarly, even when students are successful in finding a place to store their clothing, these facilities charge high storage fees that can put a damper on anyone’s summer fun.

Fortunately, Cornell students won’t face this problem for much longer. A team of Cornell students recently founded Ezra Box: a peer to peer platform that helps students who need storage space find other Cornell students with more than enough space to spare. The platform currently operates as a website, and matches Cornell student renters with hosts to find the ideal storage solution.