Kaitlyn Wright (‘14) Launches La Vie en Raw

Imagine if you ate breakfast cereal your entire life. According to Kaitlyn Wright (Cornell Law School, ‘14), feeding your dog just commercial kibble is very similar. Wright is the founder of La Vie en Raw, a business that sells organic, grass-fed raw dog food in Colorado. She started the business just four months ago and left her position as an attorney to pursue her startup full-time with cousin, Jessica.

Gabby Wild: Stop the Slaughter – Fight With Fashion

Here at E@D we’ve profiled a couple kickstarter campaigns that we find pretty cool. Adding to the list is Gabby Wild’s The Greenest Runway to Date. Gabby, a student at Cornell’s vet school, currently orchestrates a not-for-profit organization, Gabby Wild, advocating protection of endangered species via strategic partnerships with NGO’s and innovative marketing campaigns. Her…