Social Business Consulting and Medium Design Collective: Creative Consulting Workshop

A few weeks ago, I participated in SBC x Adobe x Medium’s Creative Consulting Workshop. The goal of the event was to have students work through a case about maximizing social impact on Cornell’s campus using personal experiences to come up with a solution. Read more to learn about my team’s proposed idea to teach work-life balance skills for the Cornell community!

Jordan Berman (‘95) Conquers the Coffee Break

If you have ever worked a 9 to 5 job, you know that 2pm is a drag. You check your phone, pour another cup of coffee, and wonder when the day will be done. At college, this is prime nap time in the libraries or, if you’re lucky, in a semi-quiet dorm room. ILR alumnus Jordan Berman (‘95) knows this struggle well and has creatively capitalized on it.