Finding Funding

Money. Many people would argue it makes the world go ‘round. In a more practical sense, money is essential to entrepreneurship. A lot of great entrepreneurs say that they’re driven more by helping people through their product than they are by money; however, even those entrepreneurs would likely concede that they wouldn’t be able to have as big of an impact as they do without a little bit of capital to help them along the way. For these reasons and more, knowing where funding will come from is a key question that every entrepreneur has to answer.

Life Changing Labs Hosts First Fall Pitch Competition

Open for less than one full semester, the Entrepreneurship@Cornell eHub in Kennedy Hall is already housing the best and brightest student innovators that Cornell has to offer. On Monday, September 26th, eHub hosted the academic year’s first pitch competition. Three Cornell undergraduate students had one minute to sell three discerning judges on their startup idea.

eLab: An Entrepreneur’s Dream House

How much can $5,000 contribute to the growth and development of a company? For the student entrepreneurs of Cornell who are eager to take this very first step, this may be the prize they have their eyes set on. However, the monetary reward is only a small part of the package.

This Girl Means Business: Beverly Wallenstein (ILR ’16) and Girls Mean Business

Have you ever thought about starting your own company? Have you ever thought about being an entrepreneur or adding entrepreneurial values to anything you do? If so, you probably have also been afraid and nervous. To promote more entrepreneurship and business for girls, Beverly Wallenstein (ILR’16) started Girls Mean Business. In an exciting business camp, girls can participate, engage and prepare to be next-gen leaders. We at Entrepreneurship@Dyson recently caught up with Beverly to learn more about Girls Mean Business:

Pitch Perfectly: The Art of the Pitch Deck

Do you think you have the next big idea? Great! Unfortunately, so does everyone else. That said, how do you make your ideas stand apart?

With more and more businesses competing for funding, the pitch deck has become an instrumental term in the vocabulary of any great entrepreneur. A pitch deck is a short presentation, typically created through PowerPoint, that provides an overview of a startup’s business plan. An entrepreneur’s pitch is often his or her first interaction with an investor, so a strong deck of slides is key in creating a good first impression. In fact, the art of the pitch is so important, that organizations on Cornell’s campus like Life Changing Labs host pitch competitions on campus that offer cash prizes where the delivery and formatting of the pitch are often considered to be more important than its content.

What can you do to create an effective pitch deck? Entrepreneurship@Dyson has you covered. Check out our top 3 tips below:

New Ideas Bubble at Pitch Competition

Do you ever wonder how products like the Snuggie and Colorama you see on television come about? On Tuesday, October 20th, Cornell invited ten finalists to pitch their inventive consumer products for a shot at a prize package valued at $50,000 courtesy of Will it Launch, As Seen on TV. The winner will receive a…

Shark Tank Profile: S.A.L.T.

Who is on the executive team and how many other students are on the whole team? Because we’re still less than a year old, our executive team is small. It consists of my partner, Eliot Kim, and me. I am a 2nd year PhD candidate at Weill Cornell Medical College. Though S.A.L.T. is not my…

Interested in Entrepreneurship & Social Change? Enter the SBC-EY Social Entrepreneurship Competition Today!

SBC-EY Social Entrepreneurship Competition The Social Entrepreneurship Competition (SEC) is a business case competition that is looking for bright, talented individuals who are interested in consulting, entrepreneurship, and in creating meaningful impact. Social Business Consulting Group at Cornell is proud to partner with Ernst and Young (EY) Consulting and Entrepreneurship@Cornell to host the first-ever Cornell Social Entrepreneurship…

Shark Tank Winner: FloraPulse – Michael Santiago MechE PhD

Below are comments from Michael Santiago: Who is the executive team of FloraPulse? FloraPulse has one student (myself) and two Cornell faculty who are scientific advisors. Michael Santiago (CEO/CTO) Abraham D. Stroock (scientific advisor) Alan N. Lakso (scientific advisor) What is FloraPulse? FloraPulse makes water-stress sensors that, in layman’s terms, measure how thirsty a plant…

Shark Tank Profile: NTi Technology – Shane Heil ’16

Below are comments from Shane Heil, CEO of NTi Technology: What is NTi Technology? Our company has developed a coating technology that continuously cleans and disinfects any treated surface. Unlike other disinfection products that evaporate and leave the surface vulnerable, our proprietary coating remains on a surface and shields it from pathogens by continuously producing…

Event: Cornell Pitch Bootcamp

The Cornell Pitch Bootcamp consists of three events geared towards anyone interested in gaining experience in pitching. This is a Cornell wide event and will include students from a number of backgrounds. Whether you’ve been itching to pitch or are hesitant for one reason or another, come to the networking reception to see what you think!  …

Johnson Shark Tank Feb 3rd!

Make sure to apply to Cornell Shark Tank to pitch in front of VCs and compete for $1500 in prizes plus ticket to SXSW!  When? Tue Feb 3, from 5-6pm Where? Duffield Atrium/Goldman Lounge-directly across from Matins Café. Who? Open to entire University (Attendee RSVP registration Prizes? 5 teams pitch 3 VC Judges to win…