OrthoFit: Ergonomic Solutions

Do you ever find your wrist very sore or in pain because you’ve been in a certain position for too long? There’s no doubt that students at Cornell can get wrapped up in the cycle of work and stress, and with that comes poor habits when it comes down to crunch time. Still, repetitive motion injuries do not stop after college. In fact, these injuries become even more serious in the workplace and result in enormous costs to the workforce (read more here). A team of Cornell students—Jason Guss, Fnu Aporrva, Pankaj Singh, Will Weinlandt, and Pehuen Moure—saw this problem unfold in many industries and created OrthoFit to provide professionals with custom smart wearable solutions that enable posture monitoring and correction. As current CEO of OrthoFit, Jason Guss (PhD. ’18, Biomedical Engineering) recently sat down with E@D to share their story.