The Foundry Builds the Future

Located on the East Side of Buffalo, NY, The Foundry is a startup that is a community space and business incubator with a trade-based focus. Through its mentor program, metal shop, woodshop, and fiber arts studio, The Foundry helps people start product-based businesses.

Weaving the Future: Shaibyaa Rajbhandari ’18 with Patuka

Cornell student Shaibyaa Rajbhandari ‘18 started her entrepreneurial journey last year with Utthan. Utthan is a multidimensional social investment company that creates long-term sustainable impact in Nepal following the earthquake in 2015. The entire world came together to help in immediate rehabilitation but often that is short-term. With Utthan, Shaibyaa aims to create a healthier and economically stable alternative for families affected by the earthquake.

E@D met with Shaibyaa last year to talk about Utthan, and we catch up with her again to talk about the second installation of her journey: Patuka.

Raising a Village with Shaibyaa Rajbhandari (’18)

Like any good entrepreneur, Cornell student Shaibyaa Rajbhandari (’18) hears the word “problem” and immediately thinks, “opportunity.” Shaibyaa is the proud founder of Utthan: a multidimensional investment company designed to create long-term recovery following the destruction of the earthquake in Nepal. Utthan, which means “uplifting” in Nepali, has since received an award from Entrepreneurship at Cornell to continue its efforts to support income for people in Nepal by donating goats following the earthquake.

Love in Every Stitch with Sakib Jamal (’19)

Sakib maintains his own blog dedicated to covering entrepreneurship, and recently tried his hand at starting his own social enterprise called Chitro Social. Chitro provides an online platform for women in rural Bangladesh with low-incomes to design and sell hand-made products to earn a living wage. While Chitro has had its successes, Sakib’s experience has endowed him with a remarkably mature view of entrepreneurship, and he recognizes that he has also encountered many challenges in his work. As an active Cornell student, Sakib struggles to juggle his responsibilities to school and his business, forcing him to step back and consider giving away the rights to his company in a potential merger deal. Like any good parent, Sakib realizes that it may be time to let go.

AEM 3382: Social Enterprise Development

What were you doing over winter break? While everyone’s answer varies, fifteen students had the opportunity to help small business leaders in a developing nation. This January, Deborah Streeter launched the first semester of AEM 3382: Social Enterprise Development. Students visited El Rodeito, Honduras for one week over break, met with small businesses, and are spending the spring semester developing solutions for the businesses’ problems.

Interested in Entrepreneurship & Social Change? Enter the SBC-EY Social Entrepreneurship Competition Today!

SBC-EY Social Entrepreneurship Competition The Social Entrepreneurship Competition (SEC) is a business case competition that is looking for bright, talented individuals who are interested in consulting, entrepreneurship, and in creating meaningful impact. Social Business Consulting Group at Cornell is proud to partner with Ernst and Young (EY) Consulting and Entrepreneurship@Cornell to host the first-ever Cornell Social Entrepreneurship…

CUSummit Q&A: Student Entrepreneur, Roshni Mehta ’15, Going The Whole Nine Yards to Make the World Better, One Product at a Time

I met Roshni through AIESEC my freshman year so I was thrilled to see a familiar face at the Entrepreneurship Summit. The fact that one of my peers has started her own business is incredibly exciting! Finding a balance between academics, extracurriculars, and a social life is tough as it is; running a business on top of that is…

EVENT: “Profit & Purpose: How Social Innovation is Transforming Business for Good”

Interested in Social Innovation and Business? Kyle Westaway, lawyer and Harvard Law School lecturer,  will be speaking on “Profit or Purpose” a talk on what links profit making in for-profit enterprises with public policy and social welfare purposes. EVENT TITLE: “Profit & Purpose: How Social Innovation is Transforming Business for Good” SPEAKER INFO: Kyle Westaway,…

Just Save One – Kennedy Ogoye ’12

The following is an interview with Kennedy Ogoye ’12, CEO of Just Save One: What is the mission of Just Save One? In 2011, I founded “Just Save One” (JSO), a non-profit organization committed to developing sustainable solutions to the water crisis that has drowned many under privileged communities. Our goal for 2014 is to provide 20…

Gabby Wild: Stop the Slaughter – Fight With Fashion

Here at E@D we’ve profiled a couple kickstarter campaigns that we find pretty cool. Adding to the list is Gabby Wild’s The Greenest Runway to Date. Gabby, a student at Cornell’s vet school, currently orchestrates a not-for-profit organization, Gabby Wild, advocating protection of endangered species via strategic partnerships with NGO’s and innovative marketing campaigns. Her…

Kreyol Essence (KE) Offers Eco Luxury Cosmetic Alternative

  Who is the founder of Kreyol Essence? Yve-Car Momperousse MPS’14 Check out her inspirational biography here  What is the mission of Kreyol Essence? Kreyol Essence (KE) is an agribusiness that offers an array of eco luxury cosmetic products. Our goal at Kreyol Essence is to liberate women from costly and unsafe products that have given us false…