Half-Baked: Third Batch Focuses on the Cornell Experience

Last Friday night, about fifty Cornell students gathered in Durland Alternatives Library sitting on yoga maps and couches to hear the ‘raw’ ideas of their peers. Half-Baked is a semesterly event organized by Eco and Medium Design Collective, and it is designed to allow presenters to share their ideas in a comfortable and inquisitive environment.

Customer Discovery: The First Step to Entrepreneurship

First-time entrepreneurs tend to see it as counterproductive; we think we already know who our customer is, and we think the first step should be building our idea (app, website, product, etc.) as quickly and as best as we can. The truth is you’re probably wrong about who your customer is if you haven’t done customer discovery, and if you don’t truly understand the person who will be using your thing, you won’t be able to make your thing the thing they want to use.

Finding and Knowing Your Customers

Understanding your customers is key to the success of any business. What makes customer research particularly interesting for a startup is you can be unsure of who your customers actually are or should be and the market you are entering may be very young with limited information.

CUSummit Q&A: What Did Students Think?

Cornell Entrepreneurship Summit is an unbelievable opportunity for students to step out of the classroom. While many attend the Summit to explore the entrepreneurial world, students are also exposed to a wide range of topics and given a chance to speak one-on-one with entrepreneurial professionals with more experience and expertise. Although Cornell’s campus is rife with opportunities for students to connect, students with diverse backgrounds are…

Year-End Wrap Up

Greetings fellow startup junkies! What a year we’ve had here at Entrepreneurship@Dyson! We have definitely grown immensely this year getting our name into all the corners of the Cornell community. We’ve sponsored events and symposiums, hosted intimate get-togethers with successful business owners, held student startup meetups, and generated a ton of new content for our website!…