There are 11 concentrations for the Applied Economics and Management major. Students must choose at least one concentration before their junior year and my choose no more than two.

The Entrepreneurship Concentration requires at least 15 credits from the following (at least 6 credits in AEM): 

AEM 1210: Entrepreneurial Thought Leadership Seminar (F)
AEM 1220: Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences (F)
AEM 1221: Entrepreneurship in the Life Sciences II (S)
AEM 1230: Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Business (F)
AEM 3220: Digital Business Strategy (F)
AEM 3245: Organizational Behavior (F)
AEM 3249: Entrepreneurial Marketing and Strategy (F)
AEM 3250: Business Planning Process for New Ventures (S)
AEM 3340: Women, Leadership, and Entrepreneurship (F)
AEM 3350: International Technology Marketing of Biotechnology (S)
AEM 3380: Social Entrepreneurs, Innovators, and Solvers (F)
AEM 3381: Social Entrepreneurship Field Study (F)
AEM 4080: Innovation & New Product Management (S)
AEM 4370: Strategy and Innovation (F, S)
AEM 4380: Entrepreneurial Strategy for Technology Ventures (S)
AEM 4390: Technology Strategy (S)
AEM 4420: Emerging Markets (F)
HADM 4130: Entrepreneurial Management
HADM 4211: Entrepreneurial Finance (S)
NBA 3000: Entrepreneurship and Private Equity (F, S)
NBA 6230: Actualizing Your Startup – Part I